November 22, 2004


German publisher Matthias Döpfner takes a stand against the Europeasers:

Appeasement crippled Europe when genocide ran rampant in Kosovo and we Europeans debated and debated until the Americans came in and did our work for us. Rather than protecting democracy in the Middle East, European appeasement, camouflaged behind the fuzzy word "equidistance," now countenances suicide bombings in Israel by fundamentalist Palestinians. Appeasement generates a mentality that allows Europe to ignore 300,000 victims of Saddam’s torture and murder machinery and, motivated by the self-righteousness of the peace-movement, to issue bad grades to George Bush. A particularly grotesque form of appeasement is reacting to the escalating violence by Islamic fundamentalists in Holland and elsewhere by suggesting that we should really have a Muslim holiday in Germany.

Please read the entire piece, translated by Hartmut Lau.

Posted by Tim Blair at November 22, 2004 01:21 PM

A good article. A good and brave man, especially with the rise in Islamic terrorism in Europe. My hat is off to Herr Matthias Döpfner.

But he is one of a few voices in the howling wilderness? Is it enough influence to get Europe off its collective ass, throw out the Euroweenies, and deal with the Islamofascists?

I hope so. The barbarians are at the gates.

Posted by: The Real JeffS at November 22, 2004 at 02:20 PM

Ooh! And a side comment on that site by Steve Den Beste.

Posted by: David Ross at November 22, 2004 at 02:25 PM

Poor old Germans, once ruled the world now strugling to rule themselves.

Posted by: Le clerc at November 22, 2004 at 05:53 PM

Le clerc

When did the Germans rule the world? Must have missed it

Posted by: rexie at November 22, 2004 at 06:44 PM

At least the good Germans and the good Dutch are waking up. Will the french ever follow?
All the islamic oil money that has fed the Middle East chairs of western universities, subsidised the pensions of our politicians, to reinforce the myth of "peaceful Islam", to keep the focus on Israeli bashing should our gazes wonder off to face the real problems, to generate vicious hatred of America,to assist those who wish to bury christianity and create a soft underbelly of secularism , that can so easily be exploited.
Yes look around at 911, beslan, madrid, Sudan,Indonesia, Thailand,Kashmir and the Balkans, and others and try to undertand the mentality of those lefty zeropeans who say it is all the fault of Israel and the Jews!!
Peter Finch leant out of the window in a wonderful film and shouted,"I've had all i can take and i'm not taking any more".
Now the europeans are leaning out and shouting too.
they now realize that the politicians who have betrayed them and the apologists academics for Islam that honeycombe our universities will offer nothing except more appeasement.
The hordes of apologists of Islam, both Muslim and infidels, abroad in the Western world, and the dhimmy media, are now simply being ignored. There is just too much data that does not fit their theories -- such as the "theory" that the Arab war on Israel explains Muslim hatred of America or the West. Now that Muslim aggression against non-Muslims everywhere in the world is out in the open, and now that there is greater understanding of the war against the Infidels -though as yet a full comprehension of the 1350-year history of Muslim subjugation of non-Muslims is not yet widely comprehended.
there are still books that cannot be burnt in an Islamic Kristalnacht or suppressed by the academic minions of Islam and can be read by all are widely available and should be studied by all "infidels".
Muhammad, was a warrior who preached that "war is deception," who tricked and took pride in tricking his trusting enemies, who ordered the assassination even of those who did nothing against him, including old men and women, who distributed booty from conquest, who oversaw approvingly the massacre of hundreds of helpless prisoners, who -- and all of the relevant quotations are available online at many websites -- married Aisha when she was six, and had intercourse with her when she was nine.

Posted by: davo at November 22, 2004 at 07:00 PM

While I'm hoping that Europe will wake up and join the fight sooner rather than later, I'm a bit pessimistic as to what the results of this awakening might be.

I'm afraid that, to appease the PC-multiculturalists, whatever actions they take will apply to *all* religions. I fear they may view a Christian or Jewish 'fundamentalist' an equal threat, even when no acts of violence have been committed by these other religious 'fundamentalists'. I put fundamentalist in quotes for Christians and Jews because I'm not sure how it will be defined for these other two groups.

Moral equivalence has taken root. This can be seen in all of our Western societies. When one group commits atrocious acts, and another has not, we often see them compared as equals. Or worse, the PC group is excused even when it has committed the more violent acts.

I'm thinking about the moral equivalence we hear about when issues about the 'Palestinians' and Israelis are raised. There are many people who can't see the difference. Many who believe it's all the Israeli's (or JOOS') fault and blame them. I'm of the opinion that many in the European countries have the hardest time seeing the difference (outside of the Arab world).

Whatever blinds them to the difference between the 'Palestinians' and the Israelis, could also blind them to the difference between religious groups. Europeans don't seem very tolerant of people who profess religion. One of the reasons they dislike Pres. Bush is because he takes his religion seriously. They view this as something strange and something that's bad.

I can easily see some Europeans believing that a religious person like Pres. Bush is as dangerous as an Islamic Fundamentalist. Therefore, anyone who is as outwardly religious as Pres. Bush must be guarded against. So I don't have a hard time imagining that Europeans could end up believing that 'fundamentalist' Christians and Jews are the same as fundamentalist Muslims.

I am hoping I'm wrong and that they will see where the threat lies. But, I'm not going to be surprised if some Europeans make no distinction between various religions.

Posted by: Chris Josephson at November 22, 2004 at 08:43 PM

I can easily see some Europeans believing that a religious person like Pres. Bush is as dangerous as an Islamic Fundamentalist. Therefore, anyone who is as outwardly religious as Pres. Bush must be guarded against. So I don't have a hard time imagining that Europeans could end up believing that 'fundamentalist' Christians and Jews are the same as fundamentalist Muslims.

Exactly. And the beauty of it is that 'fundamentalist' Christians and Jews (meaning any of them who profess their faith publicly, really) can easily be acted against, thereby ensuring a public perception that "something" is being done about the threat of "fundamentalist religions", and helping the average European maintain his well-cultivated ostrich pose in regards to actual reality. Until a really big bomb goes off in some European capital, anyway.

I'm hesitantly optimistic about Germany because the percentage of well-assimilated Muslims is bigger than elsewhere (mostly due to most of them being Turkish rather than Arab, although there are definitely plenty of Islamists among them also), but I really don't see how France and Spain and the Netherlands are going to deal with their Muslim minorities in the long run, short of mass repatriation and/or genocide. And that kind of thing will most likely start chaos all across the Continent, not just in the countries in question. I really wish I could be more optimistic than that, but I can't.

Anybody feel like petitioning their congressmen and senators for putting some laws on the book to enable the inevitable immigration wave of those Europeans who are sick and tired of living in terminally ill societies? (That I suspect I'll be among someday...) You really can't go wrong with'll be the hard-working minority of Europe who comes a-knocking for Green Cards. The welfare lovers and anti-religionists will be far too scared to emigrate to the United States. I guess Canada can have them, if things get too hot back in Europe.

Posted by: PW at November 22, 2004 at 10:31 PM

I think Peter Finch said "I'm as mad a hell, and I'm not going to take it any more."

I wonder if that's what the Euroweenies will say when Muslims accuse them of intolerance for not permitting another Muslim tradition: polygamy.

Posted by: Wethal at November 22, 2004 at 10:43 PM

i'm taking matthias in the death pool; the life-span of people in europe who dare speak like this is remarkably short these days.

Posted by: Mr. Bingley at November 22, 2004 at 11:01 PM

I spent a month in Germany in 2001 and I feel that if the Islamists start getting a bit out of hand that somewhat stern Germanic character will be invigorated. They will be breaking out the Heckler & Koch 9 mm's and doing some damage. NO ONE at the end of the day is going to allow their kids throats to be cut as they sleep. God forbid!

PW I agree on the whole, the Turks are a much groovier bunch of people. Good on Kemmel Ataturk I say, a very enlightened man. But I still say any mad Islamowacko would get capped in short order and his progeny turned into Lamp Shades if the Krauts got realy pissed off.

Posted by: Dog at November 22, 2004 at 11:20 PM


And this will be a good thing in exactly what way?

One of the reasons things got to this pass is that America, and the world in general, have intentionally turned a blind eye to earlier developments.

Considering the experience of the last century, the conversion of Germans into devout pacifists is something one can view with, at worst, equanimity.

Ric Locke

Posted by: Ric Locke at November 22, 2004 at 11:39 PM

About damned time someone over there woke up. I just hope not too late...

Posted by: Betsy in America at November 23, 2004 at 05:15 AM

There's a good article over at frontpage, "How Multiculturalism Took Over America", Lawrence Auster. A sample:

The first reality is that the Western tradition is a tradition. The second reality is that it is our tradition—the "our" referring to all those who are, or who aspire to be, whatever their ethnic and racial background, heirs and members of that tradition. When multiculturalists object to the word "our," claiming it is exclusive, they are really saying that they don't consider the Western tradition to be theirs. They are saying that they want to take it over and change it into something else. They are saying that they don't want the Western tradition to exist any more.

Include in that group all those home grown anti-religionists whose activities over the last several decades have so changed the face of our societies and turned our public schools into indoctrination camps.

And for those who think the Turks are still good guys today's Turkey's Dark Past might be something of a revelation.

Posted by: Janice at November 23, 2004 at 09:22 AM