November 03, 2004


In his pre-Election Day message to the gullible, Michael Moore complained that "Bush refused to go after and capture Osama bin Laden", and gloated that "Bin Laden surfacing this weekend to remind the American people of your total and complete failure to capture him was a cruel trick or treat. But there he was. 3,000 people were killed and he’s laughing in your face."

And in Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore blamed Bush -- as Christopher Hitchens noted -- for sending "far too few ground troops to Afghanistan and thus allow[ing] far too many Taliban and al-Qaida members to escape."

Yet in 2001 Moore opposed sending any troops to Afghanistan. He opposed the war. Here he is in October of that year:

The last four weeks was worse than a bad classic rock extended drum solo. NOW we have resolution. NOW we know the ending -- the bombing to smithereens of a country so advanced it has, to date, laid a total of 18 miles of railroad tracks throughout the entire country! How very 19th century of them! I hope our missiles were able to take them out. I don't want this thing going on forever. Best that we obliterate them before they come up with some smart idea like the telegraph.

Also, from December 2001:

Buy! Buy! Buy! Tora! Tora! Tora! Bora! Whoo-hoo, Prince O' Peace!! Fight Team Fight! Go get 'em, George, Jr. -- we're counting on you to kill all evildoers!

Moore is the most grotesque hypocrite ever horked up by the Left, which isn’t exactly short of hork-worthy hypocrites. Osama bin Laden seems to have joined their ranks, as Mark Steyn points out in Irish Times:

If I were a Democrat, I would be deeply ashamed at the way my favourite talking-points have been taken up so enthusiastically by my country’s enemies. Not just My Pet Goat, but the whole Bush-stole-Florida thing. In the heat of partisan politics, the left has failed to understand that these are arguments that diminish not just their target but an entire political culture. Whoever’s writing Osama’s scripts doesn’t give a goat’s butt over Jeb Bush and Florida recounts – or, as the bin man calls it, "the rigging experience" in Florida - but he’s seen a Michael Moore bootleg and he’s watched CNN and he’s read month-old copies of The Guardian and he believes that this is the way you have to talk to Americans. He’s condescending to them.

Posted by Tim Blair at November 3, 2004 06:15 AM

Good thing Moore works in the USA. If in Europe, someone would have shot him dead by now -- oh wait, you need to actually be against Islam there. My bad.

Posted by: JEM at November 3, 2004 at 06:33 AM

Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker was killed much more than seven minutes ago. Nevertheless, Michael Moore has still not yet looked up from reading his porno version of "My Pet Goat" and refuses to do anything about this murder. Why Michael, why do you wait so long to condemn the murder of a filmmaker?

Posted by: perfectsense at November 3, 2004 at 06:58 AM

I believe Michael Moore is clinically insane. Therefore ignorable.

Posted by: Rebecca at November 3, 2004 at 07:19 AM

Michael Moore is human garbage. Period.

Posted by: The Real JeffS at November 3, 2004 at 08:00 AM

I don't know about the rest of you, but this latest Bin Laden tape just sounds too ridiculous. I am not convinced that this is a live Bin Laden and not some pre-recorded video with a voiceover. Of course one mustn't question the unbiased journalistic integrity of Al-Jazeera. Of Course. But I mean, c'mon- goat butting? He goes from reclaiming Andalucia to worrying about the electoral college? The whole thing just doesn't sound one single bit like his previous rants. Color me unconvinced. Wouldn't be suprised to find a paycheck written to Moore from Al-jazeera, not one bit...

And if that really is you Osama, red staters have a message for you- sleep with one eye open dirtbag....

Posted by: Tman at November 3, 2004 at 08:52 AM

Andropov of KGB fame would today be proud of his achievements, indeed hid legacy lives on he put goebels to shame.
He latched on masterfully onto the weakness of the western left to hate itself and used it to the hilt in creating the anti vietnam war movement.
He viewed this self hatred as the achilles heel of democracy,
Now the movement which he viewed as powerful as any atomic weapon has come to fruition. it pervades the media and academic establishments.
Only problem- communism is dead so Islamofascism will get the benefits of his pioneering work.

Bin laden has of course learnt the lessons as has Arafat. They practise it to perfection.
Commit an outrage on western democratic soil and ultimately the government will get the blame.
Spend a dollar on terrorism and the government will spend one million investigating and returning fire, hopefully ending in bankruptsy.
Is this what brought Russia down to its financial knees? If so is he trying to repeat it in the US?

Posted by: davo at November 3, 2004 at 10:17 AM

I dont understand! Why didnt they listen to me?

More Pies please. Burrrpp...frrrt...

Posted by: Michael the Moor at November 4, 2004 at 03:36 AM

It's too easy to analyze Moore. A gravy-soaked, bovine, undescended, middle school wanker whose mother described him as "husky" when searching for clothes, finds professional voyeurism to his liking.

Money buys him freedom, of a sort. Girls no longer call him "pantload", guys no longer call him "suet face", he can afford shoes that enable his toes and heels to touch the ground at the same time. It's all very predictable. If you hate him now, think of what he COULD have been.

Posted by: Rhod at November 4, 2004 at 07:04 AM


Posted by: Charles at November 4, 2004 at 07:37 PM