September 06, 2004


Scroll down this list of alleged Bush campaign lies released today by the Kerryites and you’ll find a charming Zell Miller transcription:

"Against the Trident missile, against, against, against. This is the man who wants to be the Commander in Chief of our U.S. Armed Forces? U.S. forces armed with what? Speeutbawlls?" [Miller Remarks, 9/1/04]

As Adam Yoshida writes:

Now, I don't mean to be hyper-sensitive. But does anyone think that the Republicans could get away with rendering remarks by Al Sharpton in "black English." I think they should be able to: but I'm sure they wouldn't.

Wasn’t John Edwards added to the ticket to boost Kerry’s support in the south? What is this campaign doing? And, as Adam notes, if the comments included in the list are lies, where are the rebuttals?

UPDATE. Is John Kerry the new Michael Dukakis? There may be more immediate similarities between he and Howard Dean. Oh, well ... either way = loser.

UPDATE II. Mean! Vicious! Bad!

Posted by Tim Blair at September 6, 2004 06:21 PM

That list is crazy. It's like a summary of Republican talking points, with no refutation. You could change the heading to "Why you should vote for Bush" without altering the text at all.

Posted by: EvilPundit at September 6, 2004 at 07:16 PM

I've never actually seen a candidate libel himself.

Posted by: Rube at September 6, 2004 at 07:53 PM

Another thing: The only thing on that list marked explicitly as a lie is:

"LIE: Bush Created Homeland Security Department"

What's up with that? I seem to remember the press conference where Bush announced it being created. Somebody want to explain that one to this dumb ol' cracker?

Posted by: rube at September 6, 2004 at 09:23 PM

Well I'm confused - after following the link and carefully reading the list of `why America must vote for Bush' phrases I was surprised to see the Kerry Edwards logo at the top of the page - have they surrendered?

Has Kerry had a slice of `cheese’ and reverted to type with all the pressure from crap pole figures and the swifties barrage of truth?

Time for Bush to announce his win in the 2004 election and get on with killing the real enemy.

Posted by: oldDigger at September 6, 2004 at 09:30 PM

'Between' takes the accusative. When you said "similarities between he and Howard Dean" you meant "similarities between him and Howard Dean".
Just trying to help.
Keep up the good work!

Posted by: William Laign at September 6, 2004 at 10:37 PM

William Laign - you are a pedant after my own heart.

Re Kerry and Dukakis. I think Kerry has learnt a valuable lesson from the Dukakis campaign, but learnt it much too well. Dukakis waited much too long to respond to Republican attacks over Willie Horton et al, assuming that the negative attacks would eventually rebound on Bush. Kerry has gone too far the other way; he seems determined to rebut every single shot across his bow, with the consequence that he spends virtually all his time defending himself - not a tenable position for a challenger.

Posted by: tim g at September 6, 2004 at 11:31 PM

Oh, dear, Tim. You pulled a Margo with that "between he" flub.

Posted by: Just Some Guy at September 6, 2004 at 11:34 PM

Pretty funny way of rendering a Southerner's speech. Especially considering how Johnny Edwards told us his father worked in a "meal."

Posted by: BlogDog at September 7, 2004 at 12:39 AM

Hey, any reall gentleman can turn on a genuine Bahston axent at will... just like Kerry did during his Senate testimony in 71...

Posted by: richard mcenroe at September 7, 2004 at 02:02 AM

Yes, looks like an old Pravda..."145 lies by the fascist insect GOP ruling elite " (actually one can imagine Kerry people saying that without irony). I remember being in China a few days after Tiananmen Square, and a picture book came out with real photos of the massacre, with false claims like " brave soldier killed by looters"...The Party allowed it to be sold for a few days before they realised they were being had. Maybe there is an oppressed dissident imprisoned in Kerry's sailboard sweatshop who saw this as a way to get the truth out...lets see if it gets yanked in a few days.

Posted by: JoJo at September 7, 2004 at 08:23 AM

They can't even render Southern correctly. Everyone knows that it's "speeyit-bawls." Shee-yit, people, git it raht.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at September 7, 2004 at 09:02 AM

I've fully recovered from my one Democrat vote in 28 years (Dukakis,) but he's never pissed me off nearly as much as those who preceded/succeeded him. Maybe it's because he's the only one to accept sweet oblivion with good taste and sensibility.

Posted by: geezer at September 7, 2004 at 09:35 AM

That URL was sent to the great bitbucket in the sky, but recently reappeared. I haven't yet found any sign that the Kerry campaign has realized that it's a massive backfire, though. "The amazing thing about them isn't how accurately they can shoot themselves in the foot, but how quickly they can reload."

[tinfoil hat]Ya gotta wonder how many are secretly on Karl Rove's payroll. [/tinfoil hat]

Posted by: Grizz at September 7, 2004 at 09:54 AM

"Maybe it's because he's the only one to accept sweet oblivion with good taste and sensibility."

Geezer - maybe it's because he lost by a big margin. That's the ideal way to deflect partisan antipathy. I haven't seen many hate sites on the Web devoted to Walter Mondale or George McGovern either.

As for Dukakis, I don't think he had any choice but to accept oblivion. Wasn't he hounded out of the Massachusetts governor's mansion after signing the biggest tax increase since Herod?

Posted by: tim g at September 7, 2004 at 02:39 PM

WE WIN!!! Two hours and the hobbits of Blogdom have forced the Evil One to remove the Pravda List...Wonder if they will put it back after they read this...?? I guess they did not know THE LIST would have put them back in front ;-)

Posted by: JoJo at September 7, 2004 at 03:52 PM

I haven't seen many hate sites on the Web devoted to Walter Mondale or George McGovern either.

True. There doesn't seem to be much a "Dole"-hate phenomenom.

On the other hand, I, and many others, think Jimmy Carter is a stupid git, but he lost pretty convincingly.

Posted by: Quentin George at September 7, 2004 at 05:24 PM

QG: and yet, like a half-hearted hard-on (Clinton puns invited!) Jimmah refuses to go away. If they make him sit next to me in hell, I'll make sure he pays.

Tim G: I already gave my mea culpa on Dukey; whaddya want from me -- blood?!

It's amazing who you'll vote for when you're stuck working with a bunch of guys who can't go two sentences without the "N" word, bruh.

As I've said before, I'm better now...don't know how those other arseholes are doing, and much less care.

Posted by: geezer at September 7, 2004 at 07:18 PM

Kerry is more like Gore than Dukakis. To wit, Kerry spent Christmas in Cambodia, Gore invented the Internet; Gore inspired Love Story, Kerry has the flying dog story; Gore had his Blackberry, Kerry has his lucky CIA hat.
Cold Mountain

Posted by: Max at September 7, 2004 at 07:22 PM

And both look positively silly and unconvincing when they think they're being angry, manly and...ah, skip it -- I'm going to bed!

Dubya by at least 20 electoral votes, 6 pts in the popular vote. JFK and his faithful dog Terr-eesa will join Jimmah and AlBore to form a nondescript 60s cover band. Mikey the Hutt will explode, giving many first responders some much-needed HAZMAT training. Boy Clinton will recover, and, well... you know the rest.

Posted by: geezer at September 7, 2004 at 07:40 PM

Boy Clinton will recover, and, well... you know the rest

Peace and love will inherit the earth?

Posted by: Quentin George at September 7, 2004 at 10:01 PM

So why is a little grammatical correction designated pedantry these days? Must be part of the PC mindset handed down by the lefties on high.

Posted by: tony at September 7, 2004 at 11:30 PM

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