August 11, 2003


Media Watch went nuts last year after The Australian’s Janet Albrechtsen wrote this:

French and Danish experts say perpetrators of gang rape flounder between their parents’ Islamic values and society’s more liberal democratic values, falling back on the most basic pack mentality of violence and self-gratification.

The experts cited by Albrechtsen in fact disagreed with her, the program reported. They believed that “right down deep the problem is not about race or religion.”

The latest Newsweek seems to side with the Albrechtsen view:

An unnamed 15-year-old girl is assaulted by 18 boys, most of them not much older than she is. Sonia, also 15, is raped by seven of her supposed friends in the basement of her apartment building. Sheherezade, 11, is beaten and raped repeatedly over the course of a year by 12 different boys.    

Grim as such crimes may be, they’re becoming commonplace in the police ledgers of Paris, Lyons or Toulouse. The scene is almost always the same: the housing projects called cites on the outskirts of France’s major cities. Built by socially progressive governments in the 1960s, they’ve since been taken over by a generation of mostly Arab immigrants—impoverished, cut off from their native lands and culture, ghettoized. Here, young men try to rule their families and neighbors under a macho code drawn partly from Muslim tradition, partly from the violence and porn in the media. Women submit to men, they say. Good girls, good sisters, cover themselves and stay home. Otherwise they are putes, whores, who can be used and abused even if they say no.        

Such stories, then, are not just about urban crime and rough neighborhoods. They reflect a core issue of Muslim integration in Europe.


Posted by Tim Blair at August 11, 2003 01:40 AM

No, no Tim. You don't understand. The girls (isn't that a sexist term, implying weakness, submission, lack of worth?) in questions should be asking themselves, "What have I done to make them want to do this to me?" It has nothing to do with culture or religion. This is why we also find such activities in places like Dublin, Rio de Janeiro, Portland, Washington, USA, Amillaro, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah, and London, Ontario, Canada.

Besides, "It's all about the ooooiiiiiilllll!" These young men are producing a cry for attention to the rape of the Middle East of its oil. (Which, by the way was produced throught the hard work of generations of Muslim extremists. Before they started making oil and pushing it into the desert below them, there was practically no oil in the world. What we called oil was actually chicken fat, produced and sold for incredibly high prices by the Jooooooooooos. [And isn't it incredibly culturally insensitive to call the product of the labor of these unfortunates crude? So what if the crude oil they make in their underfunded and understaffed laboratories before shoving it underground is less "refined" than the previously used chicken fat? Calling it crude is an insult to all Arabs/Muslims.])

These young stalwarts of the highly peaceful Muslim religion are only trying, in their own, unsophisticated way to show the world the justice of their cause. I am quite sure they are backed by most of the UN (especially the Axis of Weasels), the entire third world (the part that doesn't get or can't get American aid), and tenured professors in all the liberal arts, education, and fine arts colleges around the world.

Who do you think you are, to denigrate the firmly held beliefs of such highly sensitive folk?

I'm shocked, Tim, shocked to find you attacking this cri de coeur from people so damaged by the rampant commercialism of the West (and particularly GW Bush, who, even though he wasn't even alive when Wahhabism was founded is still to blame for creating the need for it).

Posted by: JorgXMcKie at August 11, 2003 at 02:28 AM

The problem with not integrating newcomers and the problem with multi-culturalism is that it manifests separate codes of behaviour for people depending on their 'background.' The western value system is not seen as better than the value system in which these people emerged from when they arrived in the West, so all the advancements and debate that inform values such as respect for women and democracy don't, in the mind of the multi-culturalist apply to people who came from other cultures.

It's a sad and ironic state that the most 'progressive' constinuents of our society, the teachers, professors, liberal politicians and lobbyists are the ones that are most willing to surrender the progress that has been made by the West over centuries, and interesting to note that again it is the French that are most likely to surrender themselves wholeheartedly to a demonstrative and aggressive adversary.

Posted by: mark at August 11, 2003 at 02:37 AM

Muslim integration in Europe? What the hell is that?

It never ceases to amaze me that so many vocal proponents of, oh, to take three examples, female equality, gay rights, and the separation of church and state, are so willing to welcome and kowtow to such profoundly misogynistic, gay-hating theocrats. For all the invective they spew on the Christian right in America, you'd think they could spare a dram or two for Islamist wackjobs who are sixty-five million times more opposed to these goals.

For what it's worth, I strongly support all three of those goals, and I have no tolerance whatsoever for such barbaric behavior, especially when it's happening in the supposedly free, egalitarian west. It's been a hell of a long struggle to get where we are today, and I certainly have less than no desire to throw it all away because we might hurt the feelings of gang-raping, homosexual-executing, rule-by-Koran, woman-enslaving, mass-murdering thugs.

If you think that this sort of behavior is good, or even tolerable, from *anyone*, you are no liberal that I recognize. You are an apologist for sub-medieval theocracy, full stop.

Posted by: Laura at August 11, 2003 at 05:22 AM

If a woman is gang-raped at an American military college and no-one is around to hear her, does she make a sound?

Posted by: thepusher at August 11, 2003 at 06:00 AM

Oh dear. Read the story, brainiac. This is about Muslims gang-raping women in French banlieues, not officer cadets raping women in US military academies. The two things have nothing to do with one another. You really should learn to hone your critical reading faculties somewhat. What's that you say? You were making a crude reflexive anti-American point as a substitute for reasoning? Oh, OK. You can just fuck right off then.

Posted by: David Gillies at August 11, 2003 at 06:10 AM

Men are gang-raped at the Naval Academy. It's standard preparation for sea duty. Rum, Sodomy and the Lash...

Posted by: arlo at August 11, 2003 at 07:57 AM

Rum was abolished in the US Navy in 1915, the lash much earlier. I don't know how prevalent sodomy is today, but in the past lots of sailors resisted and resented those few who practiced it.

The phrase originated with Winston Churchill before 1914, who was crudely answering an objection that some reform could not be made because it conflicted with the traditions of the Royal Navy.

Posted by: Michael Lonie at August 11, 2003 at 09:25 AM

How soon before vigilantes start patrolling looking for gangs of young Muslim men? For every women they rape put ten of theirs in hospital...sounds about right to me. And people wonder why LePen did so well?

Posted by: Andrew Ian Dodge at August 11, 2003 at 09:56 AM

These young pieces of shit should be rounded up, publicly humiliated and then shot in the street.

Posted by: Pompey at August 11, 2003 at 10:21 AM

For every women they rape put ten of theirs in hospital...sounds about right to me.

Doesn't sound right to me.

Posted by: Andjam at August 11, 2003 at 11:45 AM

For every women they rape put ten of theirs in hospital...sounds about right to me.

Nah, group punishment is contrary to what the west is all about. Find the scum who actually did it, castrate 'em, then send 'em to the Special-All-Pork-Diet Prison. Where all the toilet paper has passages from the Koran on it.

Posted by: Laura at August 11, 2003 at 12:03 PM

Laura, I like that. To paraphrase Al Franken, these terrorists are willing to kill and die for allah, but are they willing to take a red-hot poker up the ass for him? Or, in your example, eat pork or starve to death. I don't know the answer to this, but it would be fun finding out.

Posted by: S.A. Smith at August 11, 2003 at 12:15 PM

The experts cited by Albrechtsen in fact disagreed with her, the program reported. They believed that “right down deep the problem is not about race or religion.”

The latest Newsweek seems to side with the Albrechtsen view:

It still would indicate shoddy work by Janet. Kind of like Media Watch getting the flag story correct by luck.

Posted by: Andjam at August 11, 2003 at 12:22 PM

S.A. Smith,

Well, alright, but you've got the first round of red-hot poker duty. I'll be in the kitchen, preparing shank of pork in bacon sauce with a side of ham, with delicous pork torte infused with essence of pig for afters. The toilet paper is on order. They'll need it when you're done.

Posted by: Laura at August 11, 2003 at 12:24 PM

I wouldn't mind having a gross of that Koranic toilet paper sent by my place.

Posted by: Harry at August 11, 2003 at 12:26 PM


It truly isn't about race, actually. Islam, like Christianity, is a multiethnic faith.

That said, however, it most certainly *is* about religion. See the following index entries:

"women, place of in Islam -- see slave, cattle"
"kaffir women, place of in Islam -- see rape toy"
"non-Islamic nations, place of in Islam -- see dead"

Posted by: Laura at August 11, 2003 at 12:34 PM

Perhaps gas chambers?

Posted by: thepusher at August 11, 2003 at 07:55 PM

As a product of the Royal Australian Naval College,I can assure you that Lamb's Navy Rum isn't all that it's cracked up to be....

Posted by: gmc at August 11, 2003 at 07:59 PM

I have been reading for some time about the prevalence of gang rapes in the cites of France and how the cause of "multiculturalism" has made it easier for misogyny and violence to flourish in these cities. I had read previous reports in US women's magazines and on other blogs, but this MSNBC report that Tim cites spurred me to action.

Are any of you aware of any US/Australian/English-speaking organization that is supporting the cause of Ni Putes, Ni Soumises, or any sister organization? When I do a Google search for this organization, all the sites are in French (not surprisingly), so I cannot read them. I have never organized any sort of political or fundraising group, and I am not on a college campus where such recruiting might be easy, but I want to do something to help, be it donate money or spread the word.

I do have my own blog, Number 2 Pencil but my topic is about educational reform and standardized testing in the US. Thus, it would be difficult to use my blog to publicize the cause of Ni Putes, Ni Soumises because it's so off-topic. I can create a separate page and link to it when new articles become available, but while most of my readership are politically conservative, they aren't really the audience for raising awareness for this issue.

Can anyone out there provide me with any assistance? Particularly, have you read any article about Ni Putes, Ni Soumises (or the general cause of protecting young French women from gang rape) that indicates an American or English-speaking site or organization that is helping them out and is looking for donation or volunteers to help raise awareness of this in the United States? It may very well be that Ni Putes, Ni Soumises is merely trying to raise awareness of their plight in France alone, and not worldwide, but if they are trying to get the world to listen, I would like to help.

Posted by: Kimberly at August 12, 2003 at 01:48 AM

Kimberly, search for a free translation program on the web. That's what I do if, say, Merde linked to an article in liberation or le monde that I want to read.

I do enjoy your site, tho haven't visited in a while.

Posted by: Sandy P. at August 12, 2003 at 11:55 AM

I don't care if they are Islamic, Arabic, unemployed or poorly educated. They would have to be the worst excuses for some of the the most horrific barbaric behaviour you can imagine.

Heres a solution, Michael Finnane style - 55 years gaol in supermax - see you later Bilal.

Save the money from the crappy education and jobs campaigns which don't work and send them to gaol. Think of it as another form of government housing, except they can't breed in there and provide us with another generation of woman haters and welfare recipients - good value and everyone is a winner.

And there's room for everyone - military cadets, lefties, righties, arabs and white trash alike.

Posted by: Gilly at August 12, 2003 at 02:16 PM