May 24, 2003


At least they havenít banned bacon.

(Via Tony the Teacher.)

Posted by Tim Blair at May 24, 2003 11:26 AM

First they came for the ham, and then the bacon, and then the pulled pork and then the ribs..... soon all I had left was brisket.

Seriously I could never worship a God that doesn't allow me to eat ham, bacon, sausage, ribs, boston butt (pulled pork) or any of the other great stuff that our friends the swine provide for us.

Guess I'll be smokin a rack of baby backs for Satan the day after my demise.

Pass the 'slaw Be'elzebub

Posted by: The Meatriarchy at May 24, 2003 at 12:03 PM

What next? Stoning homosexuals? (Bob Brown maybe) Making women wear burkas? (Kerry Nettle would look better in one)

I see an Islamic State in Australia's future. Hopefully we'll all be dead by then.

Posted by: Mike Hunt at May 24, 2003 at 12:41 PM

Hey Timbo,
Wouldn't this apply to Jews and Seventh Day Adventists as well or aren't there any down there?

Another one for Mediawatch!

A much better site now.

Posted by: Homer Paxton at May 24, 2003 at 02:20 PM

I don't recall St Kilda council ever applying a pork ban ...

Posted by: tim at May 24, 2003 at 06:57 PM

I can not see why, if it is such an obviously politically correct and sensitive thing to do, this step was not taken 50 years ago, to show respect for the cultural imperatives of our fellow citizens of the Jewish and Hindu/Sikh (sorry can't remember which one does not eat pig bits) persuasions? And no beef (steak, burgers, snags, anything) either, for the Hindus. And what about the Hare Krishnas and other vegetarian groups?

Posted by: Peter Q at May 25, 2003 at 01:51 AM

If Darrell Treloar really is guilty of imposing the ban, he should be forced to eat a ham sandwich as a last meal, forced to smoke a last cigarette, then shot with an illegal rifle by a racist.

Posted by: Theodopoulos Pherecydes at May 25, 2003 at 06:51 AM

Damn cultural imperalists - I think the indigenous population should demand compensation.

Posted by: James Dudek at May 25, 2003 at 10:05 AM

I'm with Theo, it's time to start gunning for the politically correct clowns in the community. When Saudi Arabia opens a pub with topless barmaids then, maybe, we should think of pandering to this type of ridiculous cultural/gastranomic censorship. It's about time political correctness be listed with other similar phobias as something needing treatment.

Posted by: Jake D at May 26, 2003 at 12:28 PM

The Religion which Mr Treloar wishes us to "respect" (at least the Shia version) has a 'quaint' ..'ancient law' called "pleasure marraige" where a man and woman can 'marry' for a nite or a month or whatever.. and have 'pleasure' then get 'divorced'. Sounds very much like the legitimization of an arabic version of the 1 niter to me.. A recent interview on the ABC alluded to this when I Lebanese man who made an Australian girl pregnant abducted her,took her to Lebanon and then claimed the child was the product of such a marraige

Posted by: Julian at May 27, 2003 at 10:32 PM