August 06, 2004


The Australian's Imre Salusinszky dukes it out with the Sydney Morning Herald's Margo Kingston. An email discussion between the pair follows:

Imre: Still not happy, Margo! In response to the "postings overboard" revelations, you wrote: "As often happens with ethics codes, a conflict can sometimes arise and a judgment must be made." Well thank you, Peter Reith! And this, from the journalist who can read an entire conspiracy into a barbecue invitation list! From the journalist who has pinned her colours to the mast of ethical virtue! Has it ever once occurred to you to apply even a modicum of the standards you demand from others to yourself? You also wrote: "The removed material, in my view, is not relevant to the debate over the comment which has generated the debate." Oh please! It was all too relevant, which is why you secretly removed it, in direct contravention of your own code of ethics. You knew full well that your "throwaway line" excuse for claiming the Zionist lobby controls politics and the media would be undercut by this later, fully considered statement on the "obvious" fact the lobby chooses who will be Prime Minister of Australia. And you seriously expect us to believe that in two complete postings devoted to your original gaffe (July 26 and 27), there was no occasion to inform readers that other material on the same topic had been removed? (By the way: now that we know you did publish a more substantial theory about the hidden power of the Zionists, are you going to apologise for that, too? No, I guess youíre not, because all youíre really apologising for is offending people, and it wasnít up long enough to offend many. You have no intention of apologising for the fact your views on this matter are silly, prejudiced and wrong.)

You told us 2004 would be the year you achieved "inner calm through articulation of my core values and living those values on a daily basis". Is that what it felt like, Margo, when you slunk back to your archive by darkness of night ("when few if any people would have read it") and started scrubbing? And yet, after this whole Nixonesque escapade, youíre still berating "big media" journalists as "stupid, ignorant, or corrupt". Credit where creditís due, Margo -- youíve got more front than Myers!

Margo: Hi Imre. As you know, I've closed this topic. Our records show that the Rubenstein piece was last edited at 11.44pm on Friday, the date of publication.

Imre: Hi Margo. No, I didnít know that. Where was it announced? Anyway, I guess weíre going to restore democracy in Australia by lies and censorship!

Margo: Thank you for the insult.

Imre: No Ė thank you for providing an honest, independent and "open" alternative to the "big media".

It's interesting that leftoid bloggers have mostly avoided mentioning Margo's anti-Israel outburst. For that matter, it's interesting that Margo still has a job.

UPDATE. It continues!

Margo: I've devoted two Webdiary entries to this controversy and published every critical email for publication at that time. I've retracted part of what I've said, and explained what I meant. I published your email and answered your questions. In the last entry on the matter I said I had promised myself to write nothing further on it. If if think me dishonest, not independent and closed, fine. That's your view. Perhaps you could point me to a mainstream media forum which is more open, more transparent, more independent and goes out of its way to publish views critical of the journalist and his/her work.

Having responded to your call and first twom emails professionally, I'm not happy, Imre, that you've responded with contempt and gratuitous insults. So be it. I will not reply to further contact from you.

Imre: These arenít "gratuitous insults" at all Ė Iím accusing you of deceptive conduct and bad faith, in precisely the way you routinely do of others, including me (read over some of Mr. Robertsonís tasteful postings on the moral climate at News Ltd, in which weíre called "His Lie Masterís Apprentices"). So I have to say, this is extremely precious behaviour from someone who so loves to dish it out. If Webdiary is so open and transparent, how come youíre closing the discussion down? You say youíve "promised yourself" youíd write no more on the subject. Fine, donít. Just publish my email!

Posted by Tim Blair at August 6, 2004 05:22 PM

So the Margoyle is refusing to discuss the topic further? Why ever not? Could someone at the SMH show some backbone and cut her loose once and for all.

Posted by: CB at August 6, 2004 at 05:46 PM

W00t my ad is up!

Posted by: yobbo at August 6, 2004 at 05:52 PM

What's interesting is that the SMH has not published any letters to the Editor on this subject. I know I sent one, and I'd be seriously surprised if I was the only one. My letter didn't get shifted over to the WebDiary for publication, so I presume they binned it.

I wonder how high the tide of letters was, especially compared with the subjects they did choose to publish?

Posted by: Paul Wright at August 6, 2004 at 05:53 PM

Why is Imre doing what David Marr is paid to do by the taxpayer, and is obviously not doing?

Imre is a great journalist and a credit to his profession. His obituary on the guy who invented canned laughter had me in stiches; but he can be serious at times like this, too.

Posted by: david at August 6, 2004 at 05:56 PM

Will you guys please lay off Margo. Do you actually want her fired? If the pressure contin ues that is what will happen. And then who are we going to have as the postergirl for the stupid racist left. Leave her alone and let her get on with the job of making the left, the SMH and Latham look really dumb.

Posted by: JC at August 6, 2004 at 06:01 PM

And then who are we going to have as the postergirl for the stupid racist left.

Antonia Zerbisias?

Posted by: Pixy Misa at August 6, 2004 at 06:06 PM

It's instances like this that I truly love the internet. Once you put something out there, there's no recourse or revision that will go unnoticed by a simple Google search. When will the LLL's finally wake up to this simple reality? Margo is damned by her own written words and ridiculed for her corrupt actions.

Posted by: Antipodean at August 6, 2004 at 06:36 PM

Like Paul Wright, I tried a letter to the SMH and got nowhere. Here's what I wrote (more or less, not having taken a copy), reflecting an earlier post on this site:

"Itís been a week since Margo Kingston told us about the influence of the international Zionist lobby. Weíve read her Webdiary and her ineffectual apologies: ĎIím so sorry; I thought it was a statement of fact; I never meantÖ..í Kingston seems even to be unaware that her original quote could have come direct from the authors of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion; and unaware too of the things that followed from that.

The decades-old nightmare is upon us. The jackboot of the left has finally found its natural counterpart on the right, and they have found a terrifying rhythm; they march in step, toe to toe. Itís the Jews; the international Zionist lobby is everywhere. Theirs is the concealed hand that activates those hapless puppets, Blair, Bush and Howard. The IZL is behind it all. In the Kingston X-Files, that's the truth out there: the Zionists' endless malignance.

For a hundred years the Left has had decency, common sense and Emile Zola on its side, even when it was wrong. Now, if Kingston is typical of the set, itís lost all of them. Kingstonís error was not a mistake; it wasnít something you can apologise for; you canít come back from where sheís been. Hers was a reach-back into the heart of darkness. The old, honourable Left would have died of shame."

I realise that the first sentence of the last paragraph is a tad debatable.


Posted by: Rob at August 6, 2004 at 07:30 PM

As in American Beauty
I have a new personal hero.
Well done Imre.
I still would hate to see Margo go though.
She gives me so much pleasure,I would miss her.
P.S I have found out where she drinks her coffee and have tickets available to view her meltdown if JH wins the next election.

Posted by: gubbaboy at August 6, 2004 at 08:05 PM


Imre Salusinszky. Journalist.

A real one.

Wonderful, truly wonderful, to see there are still a few REAL ones left.

We see too much of lazy delusionists and brain-impaired fantasists like the vile Kingston, appalling McGeough, and execrable Adams.

Thank God for blogs, where journalism is being reforged as the vocation it is.


Posted by: MarkL at August 6, 2004 at 09:46 PM

"Thank God for blogs, where journalism is being reforged as the vocation it is."

Exactly. I no longer put all journalists into my 'scum bucket' because of blogs. There are many around who haven't been assimilated and become part of the Borg Collective in journalism. There are individual journalists who don't take part in the group think and who actually expose it (like Tim does) for what it is.

I've concluded that in Margo's world the idea of a Zionist lobby controlling politics and the media is taken for granted. This is why she seems unable to see the points people have been trying to make. To her, it's (Zionists' control) as obvious as the sun at noonday.

The Zionist control would also explain to her why others, not as clever, *can't* understand her point and have taken offense. She can't apologize for her belief in something that seems so patently obvious (to her).

Of course, she could also just be a moron and therefore not understand why people are so upset. But I doubt it. I think she does understand. She just doesn't want to apologize for something she believes is real.

Posted by: Chris Josephson at August 6, 2004 at 10:10 PM

I had a brief string of emails to/from Margo on what I saw as an evasive 'apology', It ended with the question "do you believe jews/zionists" control politics and the media - yes or no". She would/could not bring herself to say no. All her responses were dismissive, like I had no right to quetion her staed views, I always kept it clear and civil.

In the end I deleted the lot (so I cannot post them)- I felt stupid for even bothering

Posted by: Dave at August 6, 2004 at 10:57 PM

Well, you know, Australia is a free country and she's entitled to her opinion.

(Note to self: at next meeting of International Zionist Conspiracy find out who leaked this to Margo. *remember to delete this before posted on Tim Blair's site*)

Posted by: Alex Bensky at August 6, 2004 at 11:09 PM

"Well, you know, Australia is a free country and she's entitled to her opinion."

Yes. No matter how revolting some may find that opinion. If she really believes it, she should be honest and come out and say she does. I hope she doesn't lose her job because of any opinion she has. As long as it's known, whatever she reports can be viewed as filtered through her opinions.

The far left is very intolerant of differing opinions. They demand adherence to a set of beliefs and opinions. I loathe this. I'd much rather tolerate someone's opinion I can't stomach than support the imposition of group-think. (As long as it's equally OK to say the opinion is crap.)

Posted by: Chris Josephson at August 6, 2004 at 11:58 PM

Why would we ever need to know about her "inner calm"? Is it a journalistic stunt, or is she that narcissistic that the believes that SHE is news?

Posted by: Joe at August 7, 2004 at 02:14 AM

"I'm not happy, Imre, that you've responded with contempt and gratuitous insults. So be it. I will not reply to further contact from you."

Typical media ego. Response to criticism is to either shut out or attack the responder. Under no circumstances must one's facade concede that another has your measure.

Heck, they're ALL like this, believe me.

Posted by: Romeo at August 7, 2004 at 03:12 AM

Forget Margo - she's on the hydro...

Posted by: jafa at August 7, 2004 at 05:29 AM

Well, we can be certain that Margo did not purge her webdiary, it was done by those darned Zionist hegemons. And her attempts to get to the bottom of it and provide an explanation are being thwarted by the same hooky-nosed, curly haired jooooos! Curse them and their evil science, including the orbiting mind control laser satellites!

On the other hand, they have provided the world bagels and pastrami, so their gift of a margo meltdown is just a gratutitous bonus.

Posted by: Steve Skubinna at August 7, 2004 at 07:41 AM

Oh, almost forgot: I, for one, welcome our new Zionist overlords!

Posted by: Steve Skubinna at August 7, 2004 at 07:42 AM

Jesus ... remind me to Never Piss Off Imre. For such a sweetheart of a guy, he is absolutely brutal.

Posted by: Ken Layne at August 7, 2004 at 08:16 AM

"read over some of Mr. Robertsonís tasteful postings on the moral climate at News Ltd, in which weíre called "His Lie Masterís Apprentices"

I apologise for my tasteless, cheap and offensive Lenin comparison, Mr Salusinszky. I'll withdraw the core accusation when The Oz admits that running the Weekly Standard piece in question as (in my view) a very bad faith 'news' feature on the 'proven' (?) links between Saddam and al-Qaeda, was (at best) poor journalistic judgement from your editorial team.

But I am sorry for the cheap crack. I also admit that my Rupert-bashing diatribe was tedious, overblown, badly-written and unfair to most News journos (MK thought so too, btw). But I'm still waiting for the Oz to concede they got this 'links' issue badly wrong, like so many other invasion backers.

Posted by: Jack Robertson at August 7, 2004 at 10:19 AM

i expect the "leftoid" bloggers are ignoring this because they don't read margo. her entire readership seems to be made up of clowns looking for an easy target for their stupid one-liners and abuse of exclamation marks.

Posted by: akman at August 7, 2004 at 02:38 PM

And this, from the journalist who can read an entire conspiracy into a barbecue invitation list!

Why don't I get invited to any of the fun parties? Joining a conspiracy would be a small price to pay...

Crickey! There's that Lang bloke! The fun has begun!
Better throw another Margo onto the barbee!
Have a beer mate!

Posted by: Timothy Lang at August 7, 2004 at 08:06 PM

Hey Margo ... er, Miranda:

That comment was especially devoid of content, even for you. You managed to avoid saying anything at all about your ethical hypocrisy or lame anti-semitism, on which Saluszinsky has you dead to rights. But congratulations on getting all your apostrophes right this time out.

Now go wipe the spittle off of your keyboard, hon, before you short it out.

[This comment refers to one that has been removed. -- The Management.]

Posted by: reg at August 8, 2004 at 11:50 AM

You'll have to excuse Miranda, Reg...I hear she was run over by a Vespa in front of her Italian homestead. Repeatedly.

[This comment refers to one that has been removed. -- The Management.]

Posted by: PW at August 8, 2004 at 12:49 PM

Thanks Jack. Now I know how to say sorry to Aboriginals.

Posted by: Hanyu at August 9, 2004 at 11:06 AM

Still can't find the email exchange on the Web Diary, even in this post which supposedly contains 'every critical email I've since received'.

Posted by: TimT at August 9, 2004 at 11:33 AM