July 07, 2004


"How dare this popinjay of a president interfere in Australian affairs?" Bob Brown raged last month. "He should pull his head in. We don't need President Bush, from his biased and quite small-minded point of view in Washington, telling the Australian people what they should think or what they should do."

So it'll be interesting to hear what Bob thinks about this:

US filmmaker Michael Moore hopes the global release of his documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" will usher in "regime change" in Australia and Japan, and fan freedom of speech in more repressive nations like China.

The combative director was especially scathing about the Australian and British prime ministers, John Howard and Tony Blair, along with the leaders of countries like Japan and Italy, for allying themselves with the Bush administration.

"What's confusing to me is how someone like John Howard can get in bed with George W. Bush," Moore said. "He at least appears to have half a brain ... It's really disgraceful."

Australia was a staunch US ally in its war in Iraq, committing some 2,000 troops to the offensive, 850 of whom remain in the region.

"I hope that Australians that see this film will say to themselves, we need some regime change here in our country," Moore said.

How dare this Poppin' Fresh of a picture-maker interfere in Australian affairs!

UPDATE. The SMH’s Caroline Overington has more:

"I get a lot of mail from Australia," Moore said. "I probably get per capita more mail from Australia than from any other country. A lot of angry Australians. I never realised how angry and I don't think just because they are living in Australia, right?

"No, I mean, I realise, it's like, you're living on an island, but you're also a country, but you're also a continent. So I know there's a lot of confusion there, right?"

What the hell is the fat bastard talking about?

Posted by Tim Blair at July 7, 2004 05:54 PM

Bob can crap on about all sorts of thing as he will never be in charge of anything that matters.So good luck to the raving looney.

Posted by: Le clerc at July 7, 2004 at 06:14 PM

I'm still waiting for Brown to tell the UN to "pull its head in" and stop telling us how to run our refugee policy....

Posted by: HippyKiller at July 7, 2004 at 06:15 PM

...He at least appears to have half a brain...

What a coincidence. That's half a brain more than Mr Moore.

Posted by: Quentin George at July 7, 2004 at 06:23 PM

Learn to use html tags, Eminem.

Like this - see?

Posted by: Quentin George at July 7, 2004 at 06:35 PM

Here's a better idea: Say something of interest, or fuck off.

That is all.

Posted by: Quentin George at July 7, 2004 at 06:40 PM

OK. You are a dumbass. Say something of value or done't waste our time.

Posted by: emily at July 7, 2004 at 06:54 PM

Moore thinks his little polemic will have an effect on fucking China? Jesus Christ, but that fat sack of shit is full of himself. His ego's nearly as big as his arse. My prediction - net effect of Farenheit 9/11 on any political process anywhere on the planet: precisely zero. Having said that, he has performed the remarkable feat of making me look marginally less unfavourably on Blair's winning the next UK General Election.

It's a bit rich, Moore banging on about China. In fact it's richer than the chocolate cake this disgusting wobbling bag of adipose tissue likes to hoover down his face as if it's going out of fashion. He likes oppressive dictatorships. Witness Baby Shamu's opposition to the overthrow of the Taliban and Saddam.

I swear, it's like one of those conundra: you have Michael Moore, Ted Rall, Robert Fisk and John Pilger in a room. You have a gun with one bullet. Who do you shoot? Of course it's a trick question. You gut them all with your Bowie knife, bug out, and call in CAS to finish the job off.

I fucking hate Michael Moore.

Posted by: David Gillies at July 7, 2004 at 06:58 PM

Michael Moore, I think the left hate him as much as the right. He gets no respect anywhere.

Posted by: Andrew Bolt at July 7, 2004 at 07:15 PM

Here's the really pathetic part:

"What's confusing to me is how someone like John Howard can get in bed with George W. Bush," Moore said. "He at least appears to have half a brain ... It's really disgraceful."


"I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out what Tony Blair, an otherwise intelligent man, would be doing hooking himself up with president Bush,"

Here, Moore confronts himself, in public, with the fact that experienced leaders can and have, in good faith, support GWB's Iraq policy. But what does Moore do? He completely ducks it. Sticks his fingers in his ears, throws up his hands (thus spraying ear wax all over the walls) and says he doesn't understand any of it!

It's tempting to dismiss him as an utter idiot, but of course he isn't stupid. We see here, plain as day, evidence of massive self-deception.

Which is good, in a way. It would be scary if a person could embark on such a massive campaign of deceiving others without having first deceived himself.

Posted by: ronb at July 7, 2004 at 07:25 PM

I've been thinking about Bob Browns performance when Pres Bush was here.I think he was sexually aroused by Bush.I'm serious,he seemed to be salivating and I swear I saw a bulge in his pants when he was confronting Bush.

Posted by: gubbaboy at July 7, 2004 at 08:31 PM

What is funny is that he thinks painting the US as an evil irrational threat will help make china do what the Americans what them to do (more democracy and human rights)...
In actuality it will just make them want to secure their oil supply and make some more nukes.

Posted by: Scottie at July 7, 2004 at 08:37 PM

Just imagine if every time you looked in the mirror , Michael Moore was looking back at you.
That would have to cause some serious mental problems.

Posted by: John P at July 7, 2004 at 08:37 PM

Skewer Mikey Moore, oh yes!
But please, leave the adorable Poppin' Fresh in peace!

Posted by: Jennie Taliaferro at July 7, 2004 at 08:45 PM

Well i'm not wetting my pants waiting for Mr brown's condemnation of the fat filmakers interference in Australian politics.
Still glad to know the obnoxious obesity considers china to be "even more repressive" than OZ .
Moore obviously reckons Australia is peopled by dimwits who will swallow his crap like lemmings.
The man's ego is even larger than his bulk.

Posted by: davo at July 7, 2004 at 10:01 PM

Gee, David Gillies, tell us how you really feel...


But I agree, if Moore had an accident tomorrow and was paralysed from the neck down, so much the better for the world.

If that sounds cruel and undedifying, then...fuck it.

Posted by: Quentin George at July 7, 2004 at 10:57 PM

How could MM damage his neck? He hasn't got one.

Posted by: Rob Read at July 7, 2004 at 11:05 PM

Look, folks, we all know from his own 'movies' that Moore is a lying prat with the moral integrity of an amoeba.

But I LOVE the michelin-man! He's great.

Why? Because this idiot has sucked tens of millions of US dollars out of the lefty crowd by pretending to be a lefty moonbat with an axe to grind. He is a 'man of the people', a 'normal working-class man' etc etc. AND THEY BELIEVE IT ALL!

Yep, sure. And I am the Queen of the May. Moore flies by private jet. He is a millionaire many times over. His kids (truly sickening thought) go to top flight private schools. He lives in a hugely expensive place, and enjoys a top-crust lifestyle. And all of this is based on spewing out any old garbage thinly disguised as leftist cant. But they lap it all up, and they believe it.

So why do I like the bloke? He is a blatant con-man, a fraud, a hypocrite, and nobody in the left seems to notice! THAT is why I like him. He is living, breathing proof of the intellectual bankruptcy, moral blindness, and mind-boggling stupidity of the left. ANd every word he says alienates a hell of a lot of ordinary people who do not like being preached at by an obvious idiot.

You have got to love that!

Want proof? the Honourable Bob the Brown-hatter likes him. REALLY likes him. REALLY, REALLY likes him, and probably wants to nude up with Moore and make him squeal like a pig.

Now, Bungholer Bob is a classic case of arrested mental development, he has an idea in about 1966 but has not had one since, concentrating on convincing the fruitcake fringe to elect him so he can keep sponging off the Australian taxpayer for the rest of his rancid little life. The more air time of the clown waffling on about Moore the better, again, it pisses people off. Sure, the monkeynuts will all vote for him anyway, but there are not really that many of them. (I actually ran in to one recently who did not realise she could not vote for John Kerry in the AUSTRALIAN Federal election!)

SO relax and enjoy Moore and Bob Brown, too. Over the long term, these idiots further marginalise themselves, and drive anyone with a shred of common sense away from their blatant hypocrisy.


PS: By the left, I do not mean the few genuine, practising Marxists out there. They hate the "middle-class socialist soft left" with a screaming white-hot passion. They are interesting people to talk to, and fully support the invasion of Iraq! It accords with Marxist dialectic, apparently.

Posted by: MarkL at July 8, 2004 at 12:11 AM

You just can't let yourself down,
When you're Senator Robert Brown,
You have to hate Howard and Bush,
Like you're skinny and scabby tush.

I love all things about old 'Tasssie,
Although you think I am a spazzie,
I might be keen on several trees,
And I'll take it on my knees.

Posted by: Habib at July 8, 2004 at 12:44 AM

What I think is absolutely hilarious about Michael Moore is that the Europeans just LOVE him. Crowds just hanging on his every word, giving him awards. Think about it. He's all of the stereotypes of the "Ugly American" rolled up into one. They just lap up all that he says, and he laughs all the way to the bank.

They deserve each other.

Imperial Keeper

Posted by: Elizabeth at July 8, 2004 at 12:52 AM

You just can't make this stuff up.

Posted by: Rebecca at July 8, 2004 at 01:13 AM


Quite. The Iraqi Communist Party has put out a statement that lauds the invasion and heaps vitriol on the insurgents. It also conspiciously avoids calling for any resistance to Coalition forces. That makes Michael Moore more anti-American than the Communists.

Posted by: Annoying Old Guy at July 8, 2004 at 03:42 AM

I saw a copy of Farhenheit 9/11 and was really taken aback by it. I thought it would be at least be as biased as the right claim it to be, or as much an indictment as the left claim it to be. But it was neither. It was a shoddy piece of crap.

Its much like a porno for his fans. You could fast forward to the 'good bits' but if you try to watch it whole your left with the feeling: fuck, its that it?

Posted by: TJW at July 8, 2004 at 04:25 AM

I think that the one lie that I won't ever forgive MM for is the one where he promised to move to Phrance if Bush were elected. Bush was elected and three years later, Moore is still hanging out in the US.

Posted by: rabidfox at July 8, 2004 at 04:28 AM

"Michael Moore hopes the global release of his documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" will usher in "regime change" in Australia and Japan, and fan freedom of speech in more repressive nations like China."

Not even a single mention of fanning free speech or promoting tolerance in any muslim country. No Salman Rushdi treatment for MM.

Hopefully people in all those countries see this picture (I'm guessing that Michael Moore is the second from the top) and realize that one pig's mass is skewing the statistics on overweight Americans. Remove one grotesque turd from the test group and Americans are no fatter than the average German.

Posted by: Arty at July 8, 2004 at 06:31 AM

"I get a lot of mail from Australia," Well I'm sure you do MM and all of it would be saying to you in a quite demanding tone, "Give the pig its head back!" Just had a sickening thought, I wonder what MM would look like in Thorpies budgie smugglers?

Posted by: Lofty at July 8, 2004 at 07:30 AM

The Iraqi blogger,road of a nation has a reply to Michael Moore that perhaps he should read.

Posted by: barb at July 8, 2004 at 09:05 AM

Thanks, Annoying Old Guy!

That is an astonishing read. By political theoretical definition (I am as rusty as hell in this stuff), this makes Bob Brown, Lard Arse Moore, and Robert Fisk supporters of Fascism.

Lovely people!


Posted by: MarkL at July 8, 2004 at 09:29 AM

oops, that didn't work. Here's the url.


Posted by: Arty at July 8, 2004 at 09:56 AM

I take it a popinjay is a bad thing?

And thanks, Tim, for bringing "Saddam and his hench-people" to my attention. That's hysterical. At least the guy's not only PC when it benefits the dames.

Posted by: Sean at July 8, 2004 at 07:23 PM

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