May 12, 2004


Who has the best breasts in Hollywood? Sheila O’Malley wants to know. Michael Moore is yet to be nominated, probably due to Disney interference.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 12, 2004 03:20 AM

I can hear Mark Latham now..."I could have been a contender!"

Posted by: Brian. at May 12, 2004 at 03:22 AM

Chris Farley got a vote, which is a similar concept to Michael Moore.

Posted by: red at May 12, 2004 at 03:33 AM

here's my nominee

Posted by: Mr. Bingley at May 12, 2004 at 03:43 AM

Okay... that's just scary.

My nominee, as far as I understand the rigorous training he had to undergo for "Troy", is Brad Pitt. Or at least the director thought so.

Posted by: Rebecca at May 12, 2004 at 04:29 AM

Michael Moore is the poster child for the Mansierre

Posted by: Tongue Boy at May 12, 2004 at 05:01 AM

Isn't the operative question: Who's the biggest boob?

Posted by: Forbes at May 12, 2004 at 07:19 AM

Well, we can look for the biggest boobs, and look at the best breasts. One must have rewards for hard work.

Posted by: The Real JeffS at May 12, 2004 at 10:41 AM

No,no,no,no,no. It's not a Mansierre, it's a "Bro."

Posted by: kelly at May 13, 2004 at 04:54 AM