February 16, 2004


Melbourne Age columnist Terry Lane deplores the fascist Howard regime’s treatment of refugees, and he loves multiculturalism. Except when folks from other cultures want to spend their money here:

Back in the distant '80s, when foreigners had not yet quite taken over the entire nation ...

Bastard foreigners! The government should ban them.

Posted by Tim Blair at February 16, 2004 02:09 AM

Well, that's the end of my "3F" theory of Aussie multiculturalism -
Folk dancing
Forgot about

Posted by: Softly at February 16, 2004 at 12:40 PM

Terry's lucky some slitty-eyed Vietnamese bastard hasn't smashed up his Camry. They're sneaky that way.

Being a Lefty: the acceptable way to be a racist bigot.

Posted by: David Gillies at February 16, 2004 at 03:09 PM

Softly's '3Fs' theory of Australian multiculturalism continues apace at 10.55pm this evening - combining several of the Fs - on SBS Television, thanks to the Australia taxpayer (yes I know it has sponsors too, but they do it only to get cred with lefty types - do you seriously think someone watches Newshour with Jim Lehrer and then rushes out and buys a Saab?).

Posted by: ilibcc at February 16, 2004 at 04:50 PM

Tim, Terry Lane is a regular critic in opposition to "multiculturalism".

Posted by: t-bone at February 16, 2004 at 06:29 PM