February 14, 2004


As a supporter of participatory democracy, I strongly urge Ralph Nader to once again run for President:

Almost exactly four years after he announced he would run for president, the former Green Party candidate is poised to declare that he is running again this year, this time as an independent.

Despite a vigorous effort on the part of the left to keep Nader from running and despite his insistence that he's still mulling over his decision, friends, associates and insiders say he is determined to run again.

Imagine you’re a young, idealistic, first-time potential voter. You hear all these people on the left urging you to vote. Then you hear the same side of politics urging someone not to run. No wonder young people become cynical!

I say Mr Nader must run. For the sake of idealism. Write to Ralph; send him money.

Posted by Tim Blair at February 14, 2004 09:36 PM

This is keen. I was actually a Nader campaign worker by the magic of the Internet last time, as a favor for an old friend who, unlike me, stayed faithful to the Left. Now if Ralph will oblige, I can once more combine the pleasure of doing a friend a favor with the satisfaction of getting the best man elected.

Run, Ralph, run!

Posted by: David Blue at February 14, 2004 at 11:08 PM

I'm not so sure it would be a clean campaign. Ralph Nader made his name questioning General Motor's service record.

Posted by: Ron Hardin at February 14, 2004 at 11:52 PM

i thought "unsafe on speed" was about his drug experiences in haight-asbury...

Posted by: Mr. Bingley at February 15, 2004 at 01:10 AM


This is how Dubya got elected in the first place. Getting this idiot out of the white house is the #1 priority. Every one of the people I know who voted for/supported Nader in 00 said at the time that they didn't see how Dubya would be that different from Gore.

All of them now regret that decision.

A vote for Nader is a vote for Dubya.

Posted by: Easy at February 15, 2004 at 02:33 AM

Really, Easy? You don't say!

Posted by: tim at February 15, 2004 at 03:24 AM

A vote for Nader is a vote for Dubya

Easy, I think that was the point of tim's post.

Posted by: Quentin George at February 15, 2004 at 07:55 AM

Ralph the planet needs every vote you can get.

Posted by: Simon at February 15, 2004 at 09:28 AM