January 05, 2004


How much of his book deal will Andrew Gilligan donate to David Kelly’s widow?

He had faced the most withering scrutiny any journalist has ever had to endure (editor's note: give me a break) and been accused of misleading MPs and undermining the reputation of the BBC. Even his own boss said Andrew Gilligan, the BBC reporter at the heart of the Hutton Inquiry, 'paints in primary colours rather than something more subtle'.

But Today's defence correspondent, who accused Downing Street of 'sexing up' intelligence to make the case for war in Iraq, is set to have the last laugh with a book deal for his story that could earn him up to £250,000.

As well as detailing his relationship with MoD weapons expert Dr David Kelly, who committed suicide last summer after being named as the journalist's suspected source, Gilligan is thought to have several sensational revelations up his sleeve, including further details of his relationship with Kelly going well beyond the scope of the Hutton Inquiry.

Or well beyond what he was prepared to tell the Hutton Inquiry. Got to keep an eye on that book deal.

(Via contributor J.F. Beck, who has not placed an advance order for Gilligan's gibberish)

UPDATE. But he has ordered this. And, as of one minute ago, so have I.

Posted by Tim Blair at January 5, 2004 12:25 PM

How many of his coins did Judas give up?

Posted by: Lewis at January 5, 2004 at 06:19 PM

Is the PJ O'Rourke book available there? Amazon.com didn't even have a page setup to pre-order the book - only the audiocassette, and that's not due until June.

Posted by: Kimberly at January 6, 2004 at 01:56 AM

If Gilligan was holding thingsback from the inquiry then perhaps he's due to go to jail. Maybe its just that he and Kelly dropped too many tabs and suddenly everything came clear.

I suppose earning the money from the book will depend on sales. My prediction, we might get enough to buy lunch.

Posted by: Pedro at January 6, 2004 at 08:48 AM

Watching SBS 'news' the other night, they still have Kelly marked as an 'alleged' suicide despite the findings of Coroner Nicholas Gardiner who confirmed that Kelly bled to death after slashing his wrist.

Posted by: Paul Johnson at January 6, 2004 at 12:20 PM