December 14, 2003


It’s not all bad news for the Coalition of the Wanting US Contracts in Iraq, as Mark Steyn explains:

We're not talking about frosting the French, Germans, Russians and Canadians out of Iraq entirely. If you're a Paris printing company and you wish to open a new plant in Tikrit to pump out paperbacks of the latest French bestseller claiming that Dick Cheney and Halliburton were behind 9/11, go ahead. If you're a German corporation that manufactures those giant puppets of Bush and Blair for anti-war protests and you'd like to outsource the work to a marionette factory in Karbala, I'm sure they'd appreciate the business.

Denying US taxes to the French is just the latest way Bush is ruining their year. Cheer up, cheese freaks! You like films, right? Here’s a happy little movie about a friendly dog. Enjoy!

Posted by Tim Blair at December 14, 2003 03:19 PM

Particularly striking are the outraged reactions of Dems like John Kerry & Joe Biden. One would’ve thought they’d take some consolation in the increased odds of US taxpayer $billions returning home to pay US companies, salaries, wages. Didn’t Kerry voted against sending the money out in the first place? Is these Dems’ center of gravity still in Washington DC, USA?

Nah. They’ve been strategizing with Eurosocs. And since then the EU has twice threatened to target electorally important US states with retaliatory tariffs.

“Labour forges ties with US' Democrats” Aftenposten, Oct. 23. 2003

Posted by: ForNow at December 14, 2003 at 03:38 PM

Sorry, I meant the EU has twice threatened the targeted tariffs since the USDem-Eurosoc linkups, not since the announcement of exclusion of Old Europe from Iraq rebuilding contracts.

Posted by: ForNow at December 14, 2003 at 03:40 PM

"the EU has twice threatened the targeted tariffs since the USDem-Eurosoc linkups"

Heh, little do the Euros know that "loyalty" isn't in the Dem's vocabulary, and that every last one of them would gladly nuke the hell out of Old Europe if would guarantee them the nomination.

Posted by: mo skrilla at December 14, 2003 at 04:55 PM

Saddam's been captured.

Posted by: Mike Hunt at December 14, 2003 at 08:23 PM