December 08, 2003


Former complainer Ben Butler has big issues with The Big Issue:

The Australian edition's former deputy editor Ben Butler almost sizzles with rage as he complains about the "incredible disjunction between the social justice talk and the hardline corporatist actions that have been taken against the workforce". He says: "We've attempted to negotiate with management and weve been met with nothing but stonewalling and pissfarting around."

Gentle Ben is among several dumped by The Big Issue:

Editor Rachael Antony was sacked, she launched unfair dismissal proceedings against the magazine in the Industrial Relations Commission; deputy editor Butler and art director Trent van der Werf were dismissed; the magazine's premises were declared an occupational health and safety hazard by WorkSafe. Butler and van der Werf took the magazine back to the commission over their dismissals, with a hearing due this week.

Itd be a pity if it is discovered that Ben was trolling and blogging on company time. Those hardline corporatist bastards!

Posted by Tim Blair at December 8, 2003 07:47 AM

It is a pity that he didn't put a PAYPAL button on his website - TimBliar eh Tim? I suppose that we could all chip in and offer to buy it from him. Do you think it will come to the ultimate irony ie Ben selling copies of the Big Issue while busking on his guitar for a living?

He should know better than to tangle with a RWDB!

Posted by: Rob at December 8, 2003 at 08:16 AM

I notice he hasn't updated since september. Started it, lost interest, quit. Typical leftist wanker.

Posted by: Amos at December 8, 2003 at 08:58 AM

i think he changed his first name to AMIR and started working for the saudis...

Posted by: roscoe at December 8, 2003 at 12:51 PM

Nah, SS, he's a typical "hick."

Posted by: Dave S. at December 8, 2003 at 02:41 PM

So much anger, so much righteousness, so few dollars to pay the rent. A typical Lefty quandry. What interests me though is that Worksafe thought the place a danger, how's that for caring for your fellow man? What was it that busted them? Too mang Orchy bottles with bits of hose sticking out to trip over?

Posted by: Jake D at December 8, 2003 at 03:17 PM

it's ok... bendo's dad guvner DICK butler from tassie will take of him (at the tax payers expense).

Posted by: roscoe at December 8, 2003 at 05:40 PM