December 03, 2003


This week’s Continuing Crisis column for The Bulletin mentions Claudia Karvan, Mahathir Mohamad, Ariel Sharon, John Howard, David Marr, Marian Wilkinson, Alexander Casella, George W. Bush, Alaa, the Avenger of the Bones, bull-molesting paella bandits, Franco, Alan Jones, Steve Waugh, John Williamson, and Patrick Cook.

Posted by Tim Blair at December 3, 2003 01:02 PM

I was wondering if you'd mention Alexander Casella's review of Dark Victory. Personally, I can't wait for Marr to cry foul over it. While I'm here, I'll observe that Marr is an interesting case for science; he somehow manages to maintain the functionality of his entire body via a single brain cell.

Posted by: Marty at December 3, 2003 at 02:04 PM

Uh, no.... David Marr is a professional journalist who in no way would abuse his position to pursue any kind of personal vendetta.

Posted by: gaz at December 3, 2003 at 03:17 PM

gaz - I suppose you typed that dead-pan.


Posted by: Razor at December 3, 2003 at 03:42 PM

Too right.

Posted by: gaz at December 3, 2003 at 04:08 PM

Curses! Disproved again!

Posted by: Marty at December 3, 2003 at 07:02 PM

We know you can cut, we know you can paste, but where's the beef? And you forgot the gravy. Robert Manne will no doubt be shakin' in his cardigan again this week.

Posted by: Miranda Divide at December 4, 2003 at 10:44 AM

Leave Robert's private life out of this, Miranda.

Posted by: tim at December 4, 2003 at 11:31 AM