September 30, 2003


Here’s Margo Kingston on August 26:

In my view, Tony Abbott has just said goodbye to ever being Prime Minister ...The Australian people will never trust Abbott again.

Today, her own newspaper disagrees with her:

Mr Abbott leaves workplace relations frustrated by Senate resistance, but with a commendable record of achievement. At a testing time he brings a reformist zeal to the health portfolio. Success will smooth the bovver-boy reputation and enhance his leadership credentials.

And Margo now disagrees with herself:

Abbott is a good man to fix up messes and make new policy work ... If he gets it right - and Howard will back him with big bucks - Abbott could clean-up his image and restore his appeal as a future leader.

But how, Margo? The Australian people will never trust Abbott again!

Posted by Tim Blair at September 30, 2003 12:55 PM

Tim, don't you get sick of point blank targets?

Posted by: slatts at September 30, 2003 at 12:58 PM

Fish, barrel, hand grenade. Sport?

Posted by: JorgXMcKie at September 30, 2003 at 01:18 PM

Tim, You aren't seriously expecting somebody on the left to NOT be hypocritical, are you?? Have you been drinking yourself in to a stupor since Saturday?

Somebody get some black coffee for Tim, he's obviously off his tits.

Posted by: Todd at September 30, 2003 at 01:20 PM


Posted by: Dylan at September 30, 2003 at 02:45 PM

I'm no pharmacist but here's a simple remedy when afflicted by doctrinaire anti-liberal undergraduate-socialist bias parading as journalism (or web-diarism):


Simply take last weeks bile and compare it with this week's news (hard to find in the SillyMoaningHilmer but keep trying).

Hey presto those feelings of depression disappear. You stop saying over and over to yourself "how can she think this cr#p". You realise how shallow the Left's grasp of the real world (ie that outside the university office or SMH/ABC newsroom) is. Feelings of nausea disappear.

Margo's dire prediction that Howard was to have the worst week of his life last week and that he was finished made me laugh out loud when read at the end of a week when JoHo was more in command than ever.

Margo's forecast of the end of Tony Abbott will cause many to mock her even more when his approach to health (breaking the back of the doctors' union instead of the building or maritime unions) works and his reputation is further enhanced [Our next PM, Margo. Like that?]

So don't despair at Margo and her ilk. Hold their shallow and foolish rantings up to the light of truth and hindsight and joint me in laughing at them.

Remember in ideology as well as health, laughter is the best medicine.

Dr Elephant

Posted by: The_GOP_Elephant at September 30, 2003 at 07:57 PM

There's talk that the ABC's Gina Wilkinson is going to get the sack. Here's an idea, give that sack to Kingston and she can put it over her head.

Posted by: S Whiplash at September 30, 2003 at 11:01 PM

Cruelty to sacks!

Posted by: Pedro the Ignorant at October 1, 2003 at 12:32 AM

Poor Tim, too rabid for Rupert. [But not Miranda.]

Not as dishonest[as yet] as Novak. But there is an election next year. So...

What a rock, what a hard place.

Yet there are rainbows. Abbott may need a shill.

Timbo, stop doing it for free.

Help Tone get 9 seats closer to oblivion, while he can still pay a shrill, like you. [Shrill, I wrote.]

Do it, Tim.

Or compete with Marina Go.

Posted by: paul at October 1, 2003 at 01:24 AM

Too rabid for Rupert? I'm published by Rupert all the time. Pay attention, or we'll have you dragged off to the killing fields.

Posted by: tim at October 1, 2003 at 02:50 AM

Ah, Timbo:

You would, of course, have people dragged off to the killing fields. Dubya does it too, with his National Guard. It's what people like you, and he, all do. The moment you have a chance.

Dubya's National Guard, and their wives, or rellos, or 8-year old lesbian boyfriends (your joke, Joyce), seem a tad pissed off. May have, some of them, used the the U-word - unwarranted. Or the W-word, Wolfowitz.
Or the C-word for Cheney.

That would not phase you, 'cobber'. [Look it up.]

But then, as has become apparent, in recent days, you admit you barrack for Collingwood.

Timbo, all has become clear.

Even so, any person who thinks an unnatural relationship with John Singleton is...unnatural, cannot be all bad.

Toodle pip, Timbo!

Posted by: paul at October 1, 2003 at 08:14 AM

Your computer clock lies. And after that...?

Lies, by the way are things that a person entirely unknown to me but apparently called Al Franken used to distinguish people who tell lies... from those who did not.

You, Timbo, would find his process curious.

Some of the liars are friends of yours. Or, at least, people with whom you may wish to, or do, curry favour.

Sue, Tim.

It is time for Mr Hopper's Crossing.

Posted by: paul at October 1, 2003 at 08:56 AM

Man, drugs do funny things to people.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at October 1, 2003 at 10:14 AM

Ms Harris, you are right, The Collingwood drug is bad. And destructive. It scars for life. [Consider Timbo.]

Yet, it has only worked twice in the last 45 years. 1958 and 1990. But losers, like Timbo, keep hoping. Gee whiz, Andrea, Werribee wins more than the Pies.

The Hopper's Crossing U-17s, may win more than the Pies.

Help Timbo, if you can, Andrea. It would be a charitable thing

There are victims everywhere. Some of them, like Timbo, froth, if you mention the words Wayne Harmes.

Wrong team, wrong President. It is sad, but real. And evident. Timbo is as real, as deserving and as genuinely talented as, say, Richard Alston.

People in the media, close to Richard, think so.

Zel Cowan, who taught Richard, may need to be further convinced.

But Zel is old. He'll fold.

Andrea, you have to understand why Timbo is the way he is. He has been lied to all his life.

People have said to him, since he was small, that the Pies can win.

They lied.

No wonder Timbo is the way he is. He has been deceived.

It is entirely reasonable for him to believe in liars like George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rummy, and the rest.

He probably believed in Rhyce Shaw prior to 1430AEST, Saturday.

Timbo's problem, Andrea, is not the lies he has chosen to ostentatiously believe and further -
not at all.

He is sincere. A man who swaps Reader's Digest handy hints with Frank Devine, a kiwi, cannot be otherwise.

Timbo just gets it so palpably wrong, Andrea, every day, because of the drug you are courageous enough to hint at. Timbo's truth drug. The C-wood lie.

As I was ungracious enough to point out, this morning, Andrea, Timbo's computer clock is wrong.

How could anything else Timbo asserts after getting the time wrong be accurate?

Andrea, as amazing as you no doubt are, you cannot persuade me that a man who can't get the time right on his computer clock is to be trusted.

Why do you think a person like Margot Kingston can afford to laugh at Timbo? Margot laughing at Timbo? But she does, Andrea. In comfort.

The reason, Andrea, and all you conservatives in America and ships at sea, is because Margo knows what the big hand and the little hand on the clock are telling her.

It makes her so smug to have the advantage of knowing that.

Timbo doesn't. He was lied to by Pies. Or fellow Pie-travellers. As a child.

You are a good person, Andrea. You defend Timbo. Even though he has taken the Collywobble drug.
And demonstrates it.

Keep going with his rehab.

Posted by: paul at October 1, 2003 at 02:56 PM

Andrea, I want to see a happy ending.

Timbo and Margot. It has a ring to it. Say it out loud.

More elegant and less sexist than 'Bennifer'.

Won't be easy. But when Pauline gets out of Boggo Road, she could front as the celebrant.

And think of how much the rights could bring, Andrea!

Timbo is big on rights, wrong about 'em, but there'd be a quid in this ploy, Andrea.

Timbo might get enough money from the 'National Enquirer' to give Eddie Maguire enough money to buy a competent ruck person, a backline, a midfield, a forward line, and a few reserves.

The Swans will put their hand up for Nathan Buckley, Andrea. He's OK. Like Paul Williams.

Does not 'collywobble'.

Timbo does. But with you working on the rehab, things might improve.

Posted by: paul at October 1, 2003 at 03:32 PM

paulus the woodgnome. we meet again. the fish are spawning but your self-hate is evident and will prevent. the clock is correct but you'll lose the race to rats and get caught in ticking traps.

Posted by: roscoe p coltrane at October 1, 2003 at 09:03 PM

Must be another bot. Notice the repeated phrases.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at October 1, 2003 at 09:06 PM