July 29, 2003


Leslie Townes Hope leaves the stage. I wonder how many people who named him in their celebrity death pools died before Bob did.

Posted by Tim Blair at July 29, 2003 03:02 AM

The saddest part is that the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq never got to have him visit. He was one of a kind.

Posted by: Ken Summers at July 29, 2003 at 04:14 AM

CNN has been providing special coverage all day as have some radio stations.

Hope's monologue from his June 6th, 1944 program was especially poignant; he dropped the comedy and talked about the young men crossing the Channel that day.

As I listened, I thought of the Janeane Garofalos, Alec Baldwins, Sean Penns, etc., of today and I got very angry.

You can feel the genuine affection and concern Bob Hope had for those kids. Contrast that with the utter contempt and disdain so many "stars" now have for guys and girls who are taking the battle to our enemies. Islamonazis would cut us down like dogs in the streets of Chicago, Liverpool, or Sydney if they could.

I don't know what to say except "Thanks Bob" and thanks Tim for letting me vent here.

Posted by: JDB at July 29, 2003 at 08:47 AM

The dead pool that's run on www.straightdope.com have rules that make Hope a no-hope pick. To determine the number of points you'd get, subtract the decedent's age from 100. This way, the older the celebrity, the fewer points you'd get.

Posted by: Bill Peschel at July 29, 2003 at 11:15 AM