July 25, 2003


Check this headline at Islam Online:

Iraqis Irked By, Jubilant At Death of Qusay, Uday

Confusion reigns! And here’s Islam Online’s entry for Scare Quotes Usage of The Year:

Other Iraqis in Baghdad “celebrated” the killing of Uday and Qusay, both widely hated by the Iraqi people for their cruel treatment of dozens of persons, with firing thousands of bullets in the air all through Tuesday night and early on Wednesday.

Only dozens? Maybe Islam Online has a exchange staffer working at Sydney’s Daily Telegraph:

The man who led US troops to Saddam Hussein's sons Uday and Qusay was last night paid a $US30 million ($46 million) reward for his act of betrayal.

Ask the celebrating Iraqis how much of a “betrayal” this was.

(Thanks again to reader Zsa Zsa, who’s gotta start his own blog.)

Posted by Tim Blair at July 25, 2003 02:44 AM

I wonder if Ms. Morris would consider Colonel Von Straussenberg's attempt on Hitler's life in 1944 to be a "betrayal"? She certainly gives cause to wonder...

Posted by: Tongue Boy at July 25, 2003 at 04:21 AM

I wish they would take the slugs out of the cartridges before firing: one trooper was hit by a round: Minor wound, but if it had been a civilian I wonder who would have been blamed?

Posted by: John Anderson, RI USA at July 25, 2003 at 04:47 AM

http://famulus.msnbc.com/FamulusIntl/reuters07-22-121914.asp?reg=MIDEAST -
Uday Hussein whipped and clubbed Alaa Hamed. But the TV producer was still sorry to hear Saddam Hussein's vicious elder son might have been killed.
''I don't want him dead. I want to torture him first,'' Hamed told Reuters as he recalled the beatings with cables and clubs whenever he made technical errors at Uday's television station.

Posted by: John Anderson at July 25, 2003 at 04:52 AM

Yeah, the Iraqis are probably irked that the two died so quickly.

By the way, it was Colonel Claus von Stauffenburg who planted the bomb on Hitler on July 20, 1944.

Posted by: Michael Lonie at July 25, 2003 at 04:11 PM


Thanks for the catch.

Preview is my friend, preview is my friend, preview is my friend...

There, all better now.

Posted by: Tongue Boy at July 25, 2003 at 11:44 PM