July 08, 2003


Thirty smiling American dollars arrived in the tip jar the other day, accompanied by this note:

Dumping salon.com for Spleenville. You win.

The Spleenville media machine is not only winning the cash race -- hey, we’re in profit here -- but we’re also trending up, while a certain San Francisco-based bunch of losers is ... well, just take a look at all the ugly red arrows.

But first we must crush Michael Moore, who lately has drifted within range of our low-budget weaponry. Onwards!

Posted by Tim Blair at July 8, 2003 02:17 PM


There are "lies, damn lies and statistics"....(quote atributed to someone whose name escapes me)

I thought you were in this for jounalistic satisfaction, now I know you only do it for money. Where oh where will I find my sefless messiah and not just another naughty boy???

(pick the reference and ask Tim for money)

Posted by: Jake D at July 8, 2003 at 02:55 PM

Jake D - that was Mark Twain.


From where you're standing Mikey must look like a hundred Goodyear blimps descending on you. It probably wouldn't take but a decent slingshot to bring his lard ass down.

Posted by: Brad at July 8, 2003 at 03:03 PM

Thanks Brad, gotta get me a quote-book quick-smart.

RE: Big Micky,
An ego that inflated would probably take the whole NZ Airforce to knock down.....If they had one....snigger...

Posted by: Jake D at July 8, 2003 at 03:29 PM

Now, if only you could make a really crappy movie to promote your own twisted sense of reality and get the media to shamelessly promote it...

Posted by: Sophorist at July 8, 2003 at 04:07 PM

Are you sharing any of the loot with the "tip jap"?

Posted by: Mark at July 8, 2003 at 04:10 PM

Oh, Jesus, that's fantastic. I'll fix it, but I don't want to.

Posted by: tim at July 8, 2003 at 04:59 PM

I wouldn't have picked this place for a dictatariat of the superego, but there you go. It's the triumph of grammer over idiocy, laze'n'gemmun! Mieux vaut tard que jamais!

Posted by: Mark at July 8, 2003 at 05:21 PM

The movie's in the works. Who shall play Tim? Cast your ballots! (As for me, I see myself as an off-screen voice, kind of like Charlie in Charlie's Angels. Hmmm... Andrea's Devils...)

Posted by: Andrea Harris at July 9, 2003 at 03:02 AM

I've never seen a picture of Tim, but I'm thinking John Cusack.

Posted by: sophorist at July 9, 2003 at 03:44 AM

Well, it's all my doing. I keep emailing the doggone link to my many, many (well, one or two) friends (well, acquaitances who haven't actually told me to quit bugging them yet). I've gotta be personally responsible for getting _at least_ several hundred (well, possibly a couple intermittent) daily hits.


Posted by: JorgXMcKie at July 9, 2003 at 10:43 AM

Actually, I believe the phrase "Lies, damned lies and statistics" was coined by 19th Century British PM Benjamin Disraeli.

Posted by: TribeHasSpoken at July 9, 2003 at 12:42 PM