May 23, 2003


The San Antonio Express-News got the ball rolling on the whole Jayson Blair affair. As Mark Harden reports, however, it has since done everything in its power to stop that crazy ball:

In a preemptive bid to cut off discussion of the pernicious influence of racial preferences which was brought to wider attention as a result of the scandal, local writers from Clack ("Don't put other journalists in same boat as Blackbeard Blair"), to Rangel ("Big Apple's bad apple must not ruin march toward diversity") to Fletcher Stoeltje ("New York Times' shame is about human nature, not diversity") have rushed to toss a blanket over the elephant in our living room.

Mark has all the links. Go read.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 23, 2003 11:45 AM

the elephant in our living room ...

Here in upstate New York, an elephant in the living room trumps a moose in a conference room any day. Too bad Raines doesn't see this.

Posted by: Mike Lutz at May 24, 2003 at 07:08 AM