May 13, 2003

READER STEVE writes: Perhaps you'd


Perhaps you'd like to challenge to your readers to find the most inventive insertion of a gratuitous insult to a serving head of government.

This would be my entry from this week's Sydney Morning Herald Guide. Bernard Zuel in Monday's entry for King of the Hill:

"This clever adult animation pricks as many cultural truisms as The Simpsons though at a gentler pace. Here's a down-home Texas family not likely to have a brown-nosing Prime Minister around for a barbecue."

The SMH TV guide. It's where perspective lives.

UPDATE. James Baxter writes:

No SMH TV reviewer comes close in terms of gratuitous political comment than the long-haired dimwit lefty (excuse the tautology) Doug Anderson. Every day he tries to push Howard and Bush from office with his biting commentary when he should be actually reviewing the damn shows.

This is him from March, reviewing the film Enemy of the State (1998):

" ... All this before September 11 and the constrictions on democracy imposed by President Bush and his vicious gang of slew-footed desperates."

Posted by Tim Blair at May 13, 2003 03:35 PM