May 13, 2003

ANDREW BOLT believed that the

ANDREW BOLT believed that the Governor-General should resign. Now he's changed his mind:

It is sick, what we're doing to the Governor-General. For 18 months, I've argued in print and on television that Peter Hollingworth should resign, but now it's I who must resign.

I resign from the campaign to drive Hollingworth from office. I resign in disgust over the cruelty being done so gleefully to this desperately apologetic man.

UPDATE. Reader Sam writes:

Andrew Bolt's attitude to the G-G issue mirrors my stance on the gun issue.

I am extremely anti-Howard to the point that I am (nearly) pro-guns ... simply because he is anti-guns!

It appears Andrew Bolt has decided that because the anti-Howard mob is against the G-G, he will now oppose his removal, just so he can wipe the stain of being aligned with the "filthy left intelligentsia"

The difference is, my heart is overruled by the head on the gun issue and the banning of certain firearms remains correct, whereas Andrew has lost his usual cool head on this issue.

I suspect even you might agree Tim, if your lack of supporting commentary for Mr Bolt is any indication.

Actually, I've opposed Hollingworth's removal all along - despite opposing his appointment in the first place. Seems to me the report on Hollingworth identifies insufficient justification for his resignation or dismissal, although people whom I respect would disagree.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 13, 2003 03:37 PM