May 07, 2003

QUESTION: Why would Beazley want

QUESTION: Why would Beazley want to be leader of the ALP?

If a federal election had been held at the weekend, Labor's primary vote would have hit its lowest level in 100 years, confirming fears inside the party that it risks an electoral wipe-out.

UPDATE. Mark Latham doesn't want Big Kim to return:

Volatile Labor frontbencher Mark Latham has warned Kim Beazley off challenging Simon Crean after yet another round of opinion polls showing diminishing public support for the embattled Opposition Leader.

"We had two massive opinion polls about Kim Beazley - they were called general elections and, unfortunately, we lost them both," Mr Latham told The Australian last night. "That's why Kim stood down on election night 2001 for his preferred successor, Simon Crean."

Posted by Tim Blair at May 7, 2003 12:56 AM