May 07, 2003

NOSTRADAMUS predicted this, you know.

NOSTRADAMUS predicted this, you know. Here's the relevant quatrain:

The great power and the weaker one
Shall in conflict create a grander being;
His words of unshaken faith
Then appear on garments of the beasteater

BBQ aprons bearing Mo Sahhaf's undying line "God will roast their stomachs in hell" are possibly the coolest Mo-related gimmick thus far, along with this t-shirt: "We will kill all of them ... most of them."

And now there's a Mo movie:

A comedy short movie has been produced in Egypt about Saddam Hussein's top spin doctor Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf, who became a global celebrity for his persistent refusal to admit US troops were in Baghdad.

The 12-minute film, titled I am not Sahhaf, tells the story of a man of the street who admired the former Iraqi information minister so much that he ends up thinking he is Sahhaf.

Location shoots were a problem:

The film was shot in the crowded streets of Cairo and almost triggered a riot, because "people actually thought it really was the Iraqi minister of information", said Rageh, who heads the production company Shouaah.

"We had to call in the police to break up the crowd," he said.

There were no crowds! Never!

Posted by Tim Blair at May 7, 2003 12:59 AM