April 18, 2003


HAIRCUTS ARE MY BUSINESS. Ken Layne tells a Marlowesque tale of his visit to The Bad Barber of Old Reno Town:

It was a plain little text ad in a box with the words "REGULAR HAIRCUTS" in the middle. Oh, and it had the little barber pole clip-art. I found the place, waited for an hour with the old Newsweeks and Playboys, and finally got called to the chair.

This dude was old, but not in the good way.

He nicked my ear with the clippers, cut my neck with the razor and left me looking like a goddamned duck. And then he charged me $15 for this crap. Also, he had nothing to say -- just a lot of gruesome coughing and snorting. And the asswipe didn't even thank me for the 20 percent tip I stupidly gave him for this pathetic haircut. I hope the sonofabitch had a stroke that night.

Sounds like Ken's skullslasher might have had one the previous night.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 18, 2003 10:47 PM