April 19, 2003


RETIRED US ARMY soldier Joe Butin, of Kansas City, writes:

I want to express my thanks to the Australian government for their support, and most of all to the brave Australian forces who have been fighting alongside American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

From Frank Gaines in California:

Just a note from a Southern Californian to the Australian public via your blog - we thank you for the courageous participation of your troops, your Prime Minister's backbone, and a job well done.

Be advised that the price of your excellent wines may rise as I and all of my friends have switched from French to Australian (and, of course, our own Californian) wines. As they say down here San Diego way - Gracias!

Virginia's Victoria Salmon writes:

We love you guys! Australians are too cool! Thanks for all the help!

Incoming from Chicago's Rick T.:

Sincere thanks to all down there who supported the war in Iraq, especially the brave SAS and your Prime Minister. Must walk funny with the size of stones he has. Look forward to his visit next month.

And John J. Coupal, of Lexington, Kentucky, is in a mood to celebrate:

I think it's time for me to go out and buy some Australian wine, to replace that French stuff! We Yanks are very grateful for the splendid accomplishments of the SAS.

Tons of similarly appreciative e-mails have arrived. I'll post more as I find them beneath Spam Mountain, and forward 'em to whoever is the correct Australian Army contact.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 19, 2003 12:41 AM