September 21, 2004


Oh no! The neutrality of Australia's defence forces is being compromised! I hate when that happens.

Posted by Tim Blair at September 21, 2004 02:03 AM

I see Latham carefully avoided violating the Dukakis rule.

Still, posing in an armored vehicle wearing a suit and tie?

Posted by: Bruce Rheinstein at September 21, 2004 at 02:23 AM

And here's what happens when you ignore the rule.

Posted by: Bruce Rheinstein at September 21, 2004 at 02:27 AM

Latham looks just as goofy as Dukakis did in the Abrams tank. Looks like Kerry's not the only candidate taking advice from Dukakis this electoral season.

Posted by: Zhang Fei at September 21, 2004 at 03:38 AM

Is the bike Mr Kerry's riding, the same one he pedalled through Cambodia?

Posted by: Lofty at September 21, 2004 at 07:10 AM

Is the spade for shovelling away the bullshit after Latham leaves?

Posted by: Freddyboy at September 21, 2004 at 10:40 AM

While this is about military photos I would like to express my digust at another visual moment that was both inappropriate in the extreme and demonstrates that Latham does not despect women. My daughter got married this year and one of the special and PRIVATE moments is the wedding dress. That lout invaded a moment that is shared only with Mum, the best friends and if he is real lucky Dad. And just once couldn't the media have shown some respect. Even worse if it was THE dress then another moment, the brides appearance before the gathered friends and family was totally ruined. He and his ghastly mates showed that wedding dress to the world. The fact that the young woman displayed such grace and courtesy served to amplify what a selfish calculating sociopath he is. Later a kiss is planted on his wife to continue the amusement of the media with this abuse of a young woman and her family. Yuk! He is very lucky that it wasn't my daughter and I was there or it would have been one of the moments of the election

Posted by: Ros at September 21, 2004 at 11:17 AM