July 07, 2004


This ABC report, on the inquest into the death of Thomas Hickey in Redfern four months ago, ends on a strange note:

The court is full of Hickey family members and other community members and all people are being scanned as they enter the court.

There may have been a better way to put that.

Posted by Tim Blair at July 7, 2004 02:57 AM

I am I the only one who can’t see what the whole point of all the concern over Hickey? I don’t think anyone has claimed that any Police Officer actually impaled him on a fence post. The worst thing said so far is that Hickey might have died while being chased by the Police. So what if he was, the guy was trying to evade questioning. It was his own carelessness that caused the accident.

Posted by: MadMike at July 7, 2004 at 12:07 PM

I don't get all the fuss either. Having lived in Redfern for the past six months I can say that the question isn't why was he being chased, rather, why aren't more of them being chased?

Impaling every violent thief is perhaps a little harsh but where's the followup? A skewered child can only scare the locals for so long, and I've just bought a new phone.

Posted by: KE at July 7, 2004 at 01:02 PM

Life in Redfern

I love the sound of tinkling glass as I lay still in my bed
of some poor bastards car or home or even garden shed
If thats not treat enough I need only walk the streets
to see some thoughtfull graffiti for my eyes to meet
I love it here there's so much bliss seein junkies shootin up
they leave their little needle stubs smile and say what's up
what about the fast money man, he's taken all me goods
so those little bagsnatch boys can shoot up in me hood
But I don't mind I see the light coz a new class is emergin
their here to help and to protect the people
who are hurtin
Theres auntie and those left wing rags God bless their cotton socks
their always ready to defend and rebuff those who mock
and what about the welfare bloke who gives his clients shelter
that is of course until their pisses and make it all a smelter
and all them politicians and all their smiley faces
offerin words of encouragement but knowin they hold no aces
so you can see I'm ahappy lad with all this joy aboundin
with all the goodness I can see
my little hearts a poundin
as I lay still in my bed

Posted by: newbee at July 7, 2004 at 04:07 PM

I used to live in Walget where TJ originally hailed from and I can tell you all that criminality in 85% of the aboriginal youth is a natural as breething. I once asked a young fella what he wanted to do later in life and his reply was "dunno, go to Jail probably". There is a culture of entitlement. Entitlement to steal others property, entitlement to do nothing and get paid, entitlement to sleep till 6pm and then go on the razzle all night, entitlement to blame others over and over again for self induced problems and an entitlement to take and take without giving back squat.

TJ had an assault charge against him for bashing a woman and a list of theiving as long as his arm. No one deserves to die at such a young age and I feel his Mother and Father(?) should be the ones apologising for letting their son run wild. But as usual it is ALWAYS somebody elses fault. Until these group of Aboriginals can take a jot of responsibilty for their own lives it will be more of the same.

Posted by: Dog at July 7, 2004 at 05:52 PM