May 08, 2004


• Natalie Solent posts a lyrical mini-essay on the modern photography compulsion -- particularly as it relates to the degradation of Iraqi prisoners.

• Fascinating blogger profile today at NormBlog.

• Stung by criticism, Professor Bunyip modifies his Ted Rall disease-wish.

James Lileks is on simplisme watch: “Got the latest New Yorker today. The cover has an oil derrick gushing blood.”

Live from New Zealand’s parliament, it’s Rodney Hide -- the blogging MP!

Posted by Tim Blair at May 8, 2004 12:23 AM

But Tim?!? What happened to the pizza???

Posted by: Andrea Harris at May 8, 2004 at 11:37 AM

I don't think Rodney would have let it go to waste Andrea.

Posted by: Emily at May 8, 2004 at 02:51 PM