May 01, 2004


Vietnam veteran Kev Gillett takes issue with the Alan Ramsey column earlier called into doubt by Professor Bunyip:

To quote an honourable man such as Gerry Cudmore only after Gerry is not in a position to vouch for his words smacks of opportunism ... I wasn't there on the 1RAR tour and therefore can't comment on the accuracy of Ramsey's memory but I can say this. Either I spent 13 months in a war zone medically unfit for operational service with my eyes and ears not functioning or rampant rape and murder didn't happen.

If Ramsey thought Cudmoreís opinion -- as he recalls it, anyway -- was worth reporting, why didnít he do so before Cudmore died? Why did he wait for 39 years?

Posted by Tim Blair at May 1, 2004 05:47 PM