April 19, 2004


The Daily Telegraph’s Chris Hastings has some interesting background on a prominent Brit commie:

Will Hutton, Britain's foremost critic of capitalism and an outspoken advocate for affordable social housing, is married to a property developer who has made a fortune out of selling and renting inner-city properties, often at rates which local council housing officers describe as exorbitant.

The disclosure that Mr Hutton's own family is among those capitalising on Britain's property boom will be an acute embarrassment for him.

I doubt it. The likes of Hutton are incapable of embarrassment. Also in the UK: Christopher Hitchens dukes it out with anti-war yammerer Scott Lucas, and Barbara Amiel reflects on the efficient removal of a couple of peace barriers:

Moral indignation over the deaths of Yassin and Rantissi remains impossible to fathom. One would be relieved if the Independent or Robin Cook were shedding crocodile tears but their weeping seems perfectly sincere. The existence of monsters such as Yassin and Rantissi only forces more civilised people into measures that spill blood on decent hands. That is a tragedy indeed, but that is about all one can mourn. Trying to serve a judicial warrant on Hamas leaders, deliberately living among the civilian population, would cause scores more innocent deaths than targeting them from a helicopter. None of us likes "extra-judicial" measures, but it is hypocrisy laid on with a trowel to suggest that psychotic beings such as Yassin and Rantissi are anything other than murderers in cold blood.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 19, 2004 03:29 PM

I find it interesting that no one wants to touch a wealthy willy.

Posted by: Greg at April 19, 2004 at 04:54 PM

No wonder Hitchens has been banished from the ABC and SBS!

Posted by: Brian. at April 19, 2004 at 09:26 PM

"Scores more innocent deaths"?!?

An invasion of Gaza City would have easily killed hundreds of Palestinians, possibly thousands! And that's before they started into the next "massacre" fraud.

Posted by: Otter at April 20, 2004 at 12:36 AM

Well said. "Psychotic beings" nails it.

Anyone want to start a pool on how long the new Hamas leader will be able to dodge Israeli Hellfires?

Posted by: George L. at April 20, 2004 at 06:03 AM