April 08, 2004


Jimmy Breslin is accused of pulling a Phillip Adams-style bogus interview stunt:

Breslin did not mention in Wednesday's column that he was quoting a conversation from 1992. Asked if that should have been made clear, Payne said, "I think our readers should be let in on the time frame, sure."

Speaking of time frames, The New York Times is yet to run a correction for this.

Posted by Tim Blair at April 8, 2004 11:23 AM

Jimmy Breslin is but one of a myriad of writers, artists, & journalists that I have completely lost all respect for since the September 11 attacks.

I was never a regular reader of his column but had enjoyed his novel about Damon Runyon. Now I wouldn't spit on him if he were on fire.

Retire him now so he can bore fellow dementia cases at some substandard nursing home in Queens. He's a walking argument for euthanasia.


Posted by: JDB at April 8, 2004 at 12:10 PM

Walking case for euthanasia? After John Valder.

Posted by: ilibcc at April 8, 2004 at 12:19 PM

Its amazing that these fucking morons get away with this. They should not only lose their job, they should receive jail time.

Posted by: Oktober at April 8, 2004 at 12:51 PM

Used to stupid TV ads pushing Jimmy Breslin’s column, showed him standing by the girders beneath the elevated trains, at night, damp street, the atmo, you get it. Man of the people, reporter of the people. Totally phony.

Jimmy Breslin is one of those who many years ago said that draft evaders who fled to Canada were braver than draftees who went to Vietnam.

Breslin showed up one night in WOODSIDE, QUEENS & went to a Spanish bar. (Or “Hispanic” or “Latino” bar.) Vietnam vet inside recognized him. Breslin soon hotfooted it out of there, soon onto Roosevelt Avenue & running past the girders.

Posted by: ForNow at April 8, 2004 at 02:10 PM

Well, fisk, I'll sum a component of it up for you: after experiencing hundreds of occasions when all hell was breaking loose at my job site, I found it most propitious to run away each time, warning all that the sky is falling. Somehow things always got better after that. Shit happens and we must run away at first sign. That's my motto.
On the other hand, what actually happens if you don't run, is that you get some steel when you first sense this chaos developing. Then you calm down and hold your ground, face the situation, and grind back through the chaos. Do you have a job?

Posted by: Joe Peden at April 8, 2004 at 04:07 PM

Typical leftist misdirection. Can’t defend the pompous hack Breslin, so tries to distract from Breslin by saying Tim’s using Breslin to distract from the war. VERY leftist move.

I was hoping more people would pop in with comments & stories about Breslin. But the years go by, nobody pays him any attention any more anyway. He’s just a boob.

Posted by: ForNow at April 8, 2004 at 04:18 PM

Jimmy Breslin picked up a large following in the New York area decades ago with his "Our Neighbors" style writing on the various mafia families that infest NY. He reported on murderers, extortionists, and drug dealers as if they were the goofy dysfunctional family down the block. To be fair, he did have an entertaining style but I don't think news journalists consider him a serious reporter. He was suspended for two weeks in 1990 for making a racist (anti-Asian) remark to a colleague and THEN joking about it on a radio show, so he obviously lacks judgment at times and presumably this episode is another example.

Posted by: mikem at April 8, 2004 at 06:02 PM

I call apostrophe shenanigans on Fisk ("echo's"). Heya, Margo!

Posted by: Screamapiller at April 8, 2004 at 07:17 PM

Editorial opinion of the domestic surrender monkeys has so permeated what used to be called "news" as to render useless any previous distinctions.

Example: Certain Iraqi cities "have fallen".

One thinks of Singapore or Paris...grand armies clashing...valiant defenders of Stalingrad.

Instead, it's much more like the Crips and Bloods controlling 'hoods.

But it's all bull sh!t if it emanates from the opinion formers. Breslin is one of them. He and his sisterhood should be rounded up and condemned to re-education camps for the duration of the "War" on terror.

Posted by: Theodopoulos Pherecydes at April 9, 2004 at 12:37 AM

Breslin used to be a hero of mine. I read him religiously. But he's been getting more bitterly loony liberal as time went by. Lately, he's gone totally off the deep end, and, having read him for so long, I could see he was rehashing characters and scenarios in his columns. There's a reason he is writing for Newsday, a suburban paper, and not one of the city's main tabs. He lost a foot off his fastball, so he got sent to the minors. He should have retired and shipped off to Boca Raton like all good NYers of a certain age.

Posted by: TC-LeatherPenguin at April 9, 2004 at 01:02 AM

"How many women and children died in Iraq today bLIAR?" Fisk
Overcome with holy empathy and concern, Fisk moves to ban the use of the automobile, reintroduce the use of DDT to combat malaria, erase swimming pools from the face of the earth, remove Mugabe and Arafat from power, etc.. He has much to do, and therefore we are lucky he has time to turn his sympathies to Iraq, where he had long worked in prior years to eradicate Saddam, with the record of Fisk's success a proud item of history, as we well know. Didn't Fisk get the Nobel for this? His tears fall still, as he moans for the downtrodden of the earth, and follows Mother Teresa into sainthood.

Posted by: Joe Peden at April 9, 2004 at 01:19 AM

Whoa, guys--I think we may be out of our league with this one.

Notice how fisk's cleverly spelled tim's last name--Blair--as 'bLIAR'

H'e lettin' us know that he's discovered a crude pun in tim's name. That's way beyond our feeble capacities. We'd better just call it quits and accept leftist indoctrination as the only true path. How can we compete with such a great intellect?

Down with BuSHITler(wow!I can do it too!!!)
No bLOOd for oil!!!

Posted by: jack at April 9, 2004 at 01:56 AM

It's so easy when you just give in....

I've even aquired Margo's talent at random apo'strophe placement!!

Posted by: jack at April 9, 2004 at 01:58 AM

Whoa, guys--I think we may be out of our league with this one.

I agree. Everyone in favour of Tim Blair accepting defeat and handing over the blog to "fisk", say aye...

Posted by: PW at April 9, 2004 at 02:06 AM

If you never heard of Jimmy Breslin, so much the harder for you to defend him. What I said merely applies with redoubled force. Poor little Renfields like you don’t understand that there are a lot more Renfields like you than Draculas for you to serve. Under the vampirocracy in which you place your fevered aspirations, most of you will end up in shallow graves, being eaten by bugs instead of eating them.

Posted by: ForNow at April 9, 2004 at 02:55 AM

Tim's in the news business and he's waiting for a correction from the NYT? Hint to Tim: Take a couple weeks off then start looking. It took the Times two weeks to retract front page stories on the melting polar ice cap and the impact on climate changes in Alaska.

Both stories were blatantly false. The reporter manipulated data to prove the global warming myth. Both were completely debunked by bloggers.

BTW, I'm still waiting for the Times to retract a story from the 80's that said Salvadoran Army death squads were stossing suspected guerillas out of helicopters after interrogation. They demoted the reporter -- after knowing the story was false EVEN BEFORE printing it -- but never recanted.

Peace and Woodstock, kids.

Posted by: gary at April 9, 2004 at 03:43 AM

I for one welcome our vampire overlords.


Posted by: Monkeyboy at April 9, 2004 at 05:12 AM

At Lucianne.com, “njdittos” posted a comment (#9) that really captures Jimmy Breslin for people in all walks, stages, & locations of life visiting here at this International Power-Blog.


The man is, always was, and always will be a total fake. The Professional Irishman, The Colorful Journalist, Street Smart Pencil Pusher, Confidante of The Disaffected, A Total Fraud. This stuff stopped selling with the repeal of Prohibition, and it was bootleg even then. Give us all a break, Jimmy, go wheeze into your beer in some quiet place where you won't be upsetting the women, children and horses.

Posted by: ForNow at April 9, 2004 at 06:47 AM

Yes, damn right. In the name of honest, decent, hard-working journalists everywhere, it's about time the good folk on the blogmire went on an anti-Islamic insurgent rampage.

Posted by: Miranda Divide at April 10, 2004 at 09:13 AM

Why do commies bother coming around here to complain about violence & war when everybody well knows that commies love violence, war, vast blood-drenched gulag systems, etc., against their enemies?

Posted by: ForNow at April 10, 2004 at 11:44 AM

Since vampires are an issue in this thread, you might want to look at Europundit's take on the recent gotcha in Israel. Chuckle.


Posted by: mikem at April 10, 2004 at 04:44 PM