March 14, 2004


This brilliant post from Michele at A Small Victory includes a link to one of few cartoonists more revolting than The Age’s Michael Leunig. One important difference: Latuff, the chucklehead linked by Michele, is published by such sewers as Indymedia. Leunig runs in a prestigious Melbourne broadsheet.

UPDATE. Age readers reject Leunig:

I recall a very pleasant five days with my family on holidays in Madrid some two years ago. I recall riding the train system and in particular transiting through Atocha railway station.

I cried when I saw the news reports of the terrorist bombings in Madrid.

Then I got angrier and angrier at the Leunig cartoons of the past two Fridays. The subtle and perverse idea of the moral equivalence of terrorist bombers and that of states attempting to defend themselves only serves as a justification, albeit small, to those in our community and overseas who support these terrorists.

And another:

Michael Leunig has built over the years his reputation for cartoons where his little simple-minded battlers touch us with pathos and pseudo-spiritual wisdom. However, for the last two or so years, Leunig has been using The Age as a platform to present a disturbing political world view. The charming little battler is still there but the message has changed.

We are to believe that American might and amorality brought about September 11 and other anti-US terrorist acts; that Israel is responsible for the mutilated bodies in civilian buses. No doubt the Spanish Government is responsible for the hundreds dead in the Spanish trains (for siding with the US?) - and, if Leunig had the courage to state it, Australia is responsible for the dead in Bali.

Leunig's cartoons somehow serve as a justification or rationalisation for the acts of terror. Evil are the cynical Western democracies; the victims are the misunderstood suicide bombers and al-Qaeda fighters.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 14, 2004 01:59 AM

I thought Indymedia was leftie.
But definitely lets anyone post anything. There is a LOT of fascist (esp anti-semitic) stuff on there now, and a lot of published comments taking the piss out of lefties. Join in and restore the balance!

Posted by: EvilDan at March 14, 2004 at 04:16 PM

Since when did facism and anti-semetism clash with the Angry Left?

Posted by: Sortelli at March 14, 2004 at 04:28 PM

`simple minded ' begins to distil Leunig and others, like greenies. But, infantile is more accurate.The cloak of some prfound wisdom mixed with spirituality sums up, a human vaccuum for all sorts of pulp then spewing it out when the vaccuum is switched to reverse. Not good at all, but to compound it with moral equivalence, the targets of terrorists and the latter are the same, but, as Leunig makes plane, the former are worse than terrorists, exposes Leunig as the rather mendacious type indicated long before with his moronic cartoons.

Posted by: d at March 15, 2004 at 09:23 AM

My contribution to cartoon art would show Michael Leunig looking out from his ivory tower, his view obscured by a mountain of manure (labelled moral equivalence). This obstacle prevents him seeing the difference between the indiscriminate murder of men women and children and the disciplined, targetted actions taken against those who murder them.

Posted by: R Fraid at March 16, 2004 at 01:26 PM