February 23, 2004


Go Ralph!

(Via alert contributor J.F. Beck)

Posted by Tim Blair at February 23, 2004 12:43 AM

Wonder if the Deaniac's are gonna support him. Hey if Bush wins then Dean can run again in 2008 right? No encumbant either.

Dr Dean, unleash your tongue pierced minions to Naders cause!

Posted by: Dash at February 23, 2004 at 02:13 AM

Thank God! We might see justice at last! Ralph Nader was denied his rightful election to the Presidency by the insistence of Al Gore on running for President and thus drawing votes from Nader. Now we must all pressure Kerry to drop out, and not deny Nader his rightful due! We don't want Kerry pulling votes from Nader! The insane have a right to be President!

Posted by: Lewis at February 23, 2004 at 03:12 AM

"The insane have a right to be President!"

If the insane wanted to have one of their own in the White House why didn't they get off of their dead-asses and support Kucinich?

Posted by: David Crawford at February 23, 2004 at 03:26 AM


Maybe the link is stale?

Posted by: nofixedabode at February 23, 2004 at 05:56 AM


Click here.

Posted by: david at February 23, 2004 at 06:53 AM

It's Perot '96 all over again.

Posted by: Adam at February 23, 2004 at 10:59 AM

Bernrd Brandes Award Nominee: Ralph Nader

There is a venerable tradition of revolutions eating their children, but "unsafe at any speed" Ralph Nader has just upped the ante...

along comes Ralph Nader, bearing meat tenderizer, apparently intent on making the ending of Tennessee Williams's Suddenly Last Summer look like an ice cream social....

New Mexico Democratic Governor Bill Richardson was not too concerned about displaying his contempt for Nader: "It's his personal vanity because he has no movement. Nobody's backing him."

Wrong, Governor Richardson.

Mr Nader was spurred on by his ardent blogosphere advocates at LET RALPH RUN and was not about to be deflected by such contemptuous terms as "spoiler"....

No sooner did we no longer have the beefier Poor Howard to chew out than scrawny Ralph was, er, tabled....

And so it is with relish, and with a seasonable apology to
Virginia Woolf, that we salute the man who brought us the "consumer movement", recognising that his intestinal fortitude will generate other movements in those who hunger for social justice, and add to the list of distinguished nominees for the Bernrd Brandes Award the name of Ralph Nader.

(Posted on February 23, 2004)

Posted by: Bran at February 23, 2004 at 03:55 PM

Oboy, this is gonna be good, I can just tell.

Loon Central, next stop. Park your clown cars at the rear and please deflate your shoes before trying to bind and gag the Candidate. Thank you...

"Help! Help! I'm bein' repressed!..."

Posted by: mojo at February 23, 2004 at 04:17 PM

GO NADER GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Pete at February 24, 2004 at 06:38 PM

Wow. When did Lieutenant Columbo enter the race?

Posted by: Ken Summers at February 25, 2004 at 01:18 AM