February 15, 2004


From Niner Charlie’s archives:

Veteran expatriate anti-nuclear fanatic Dr Helen Caldicott graced the airwaves of Australia’s Radio National Breakfast program this morning. When asked about the Democratic Party contest for the Presidential nomination she related an encounter with former Vermont Governor Howard Dean at a party in Los Angeles. Caldicott claimed that upon meeting her Dean had gushed “You are one of my heroes.” Caldicott thought that perhaps Dean might have been a member of her anti-nuclear physicians club.

Maybe Loud Howard will turn up at Caldicott’s Wisconsin speech on Monday. Organised by, er, madpeace.

Posted by Tim Blair at February 15, 2004 10:18 PM

As a university student in the '80's, I was suckered into attending a film of one of Caldicott's "lectures" shown on campuses around the US.

The film was sponsored by the school's nuclear freeze group and, they claimed, it was supposedly listed as "foreign propaganda" and that the FBI required that anyone attending had to sign their name and address before they could view it. For the record, the FBI doesn't really do this and it could've been shown on PBS in those days.

(It's obvious to me now that they were trying to build a mailing list but why be so devious and dishonest? The Moonies used the same tactics on campus then, asking folks to sign a petition "against communism"; like Andropov/Chernenko/Deng/Kim would've quit had enough folks only signed up!)

I was dubious but wanted to see "propaganda" so I wrote a phony name/address and watched her shrill performance. I was underwhelmed to say the least although most of the others who had signed and stayed seemed to relish their subversive naughtiness at "tweaking the FBI". Their smug, self-satisfied, "caring" was nauseating.

This was just one of many "red flags" (so to speak) on my road from liberal Democrat to "Republican Party Reptile" (PJ O'Rourke's term). As such, it should've gone on the thread the other day but the name Caldicott triggered the flash back. It's like hearing Men At Work on the Oldies station now.

Posted by: JDB at February 16, 2004 at 07:43 AM

It could be that Dean knew who she was or it could be one of those situations:

"This man is involved in a grass-roots campaigne against George Bush" "You're one of my heros!"

"This woman fights against bike path injustice" "You're one of my heros!"

Posted by: RC at February 17, 2004 at 03:50 PM