December 10, 2003


Scroll down Bernard Slattery's photo essay and you’ll see the very building where this guy used to hector me almost every week about my appalling grades, short attention span, being easily distracted ... err ... I forget the rest. Something about homework, possibly. Who knows? The important thing is, here’s a picture of Jessica Alba getting dressed.

Posted by Tim Blair at December 10, 2003 11:26 PM

Too busy thinking about lunch no doubt.

Posted by: gaz at December 11, 2003 at 12:03 AM

Feel grateful Tim, at least your picture didn't make it into Slatt's latest photo obsession with weird tree images.

Posted by: Wallace at December 11, 2003 at 02:50 AM

My God she is hot.

Posted by: Bill at December 11, 2003 at 03:26 AM

So Tim, if you went to school in Geelong why do you go for Collingwood?

Ooops I forgot. Neither side can win grand finals so it's all the same.

Posted by: The Mongrel at December 11, 2003 at 09:24 AM