October 08, 2003


All at sea about WMD? Here’s a useful FAQ in Allsci Magazine, forwarded by editor Sam Sachdev. Scope out the rest of the mag for pieces on media bias and political advertising.

And in related science-type news, Stephen Green rages against developments in de-weaponising.

Posted by Tim Blair at October 8, 2003 02:57 AM

Oh, yeah, and you forgot to mention that...

"The test tube of botulinum presented by Washington and London as evidence that Saddam Hussein had been developing and concealing weapons of mass destruction, was found in an Iraqi scientist's home refrigerator, where it had been sitting for 10 years, it emerged yesterday.

Posted by: Miranda Divide at October 9, 2003 at 01:17 AM

For another example of MD’s brilliant research, click here. Read his comments and the reply one post down.

Posted by: tim at October 9, 2003 at 05:25 AM