September 11, 2003


Funny because itís true, certainly in large, doomed slabs of the media:

"Good heavens! So many problems and complications! I sure do miss having the old Iraq around, just the way it was."

Posted by Tim Blair at September 11, 2003 02:04 AM

That apochryphal quote nevertheless demonstrates that liberals, not conservatives, want things to remain the same.

All those post-babyboomers reliving their youth, recycling their Vietnam chants. Heads in the sand. Finding excuses for every evil except their own duplicity.

'If war is ever lawful, then peace is sometimes
sinful.' - C.S. Lewis

Posted by: ilibcc at September 11, 2003 at 12:47 PM

From the Sydney Morning Herald:
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Australia was told: war will fuel terror
By Tom Allard, Foreign Affairs Reporter and Peter Fray in London
September 13, 2003

Who are these nitwits? I could have told you when I was a college freshman that fighting a war on terror will fuel terrorism. Their implication, of course, is that doing nothing will cause terrorism to abate; or worse, that doing nothing will make them terrorize someone else - the cowardly "Do it to him, not to me" syndrome. Here's my news: "Foreign Affairs writers were warned that writing mindless rubbish will fuel the anger of bullshit auditors". I'll bet they wrote the article sitting in a British Pub wondering how to justify their pay. My kudos to John Howard and Tony Blair for ignoring such bs.

Posted by: Gino Marnoni at September 13, 2003 at 05:26 AM