September 03, 2003


The Independentís reader forums are a valuable resource for those interested in the study of pathological delusion:

Now that the inevitable truth has emerged about WMD will Bush now concede that the French were right all along and send a formal written apology to President Chirac and the French people? Or are we to conclude that Bush the provincial bully doesn't care about the truth and is still seething at having his authority challenged by those uppity frogs, no matter how right their argument turned out to be.

Posted by Tim Blair at September 3, 2003 06:34 PM

Well, hows this for a witty rejoinder - Fuck France.

Posted by: gaz at September 3, 2003 at 06:54 PM

This person should cease and desist immediately from using the word 'seethe'.

Only Muslims are allowed to 'seethe'.

Posted by: dee at September 3, 2003 at 07:23 PM

You dumb brownshirts made that post up! that isnt true!!

Posted by: Big Hawk at September 3, 2003 at 09:33 PM

The French never said there were no WMDs - just that we shouldn't do anything about them!

Posted by: Simon at September 4, 2003 at 12:38 AM

I've been "chatting" there over over 2 years. It's chockful with goodies.

Did you know that FoxNews is the #1 tv station and we're all being fed lies, but they in Europe know the "truth?" Man, do they hate FoxNews.

And they hope someone will emerge as a "counterweight" to US. Like, China.

And our Constitution should be done away with.

Posted by: Sandy P. at September 4, 2003 at 03:10 AM

Indeed, baise la France.

Hint; invest in tinfoil.

Posted by: Tim in PA at September 4, 2003 at 09:25 AM

The french? Fuck 'em.

Posted by: Jake D at September 4, 2003 at 10:33 AM

One man's frog is another man's cane toad.

Are they still marching south, by the way?

Posted by: pooh at September 4, 2003 at 10:48 AM

President Chirac,
It seems we owe you an apology on France's involvement in Iraq.The discovery of an accounting error is terribly embarrassing ,but I offer an apology and the attached correction.

In brief, as demonstrated in the document enclosed, the estimate of France's supply of plant, equipment and materials for the former regime's weapons programmes, is corrected by several hundreds of millions $U.S. greater than originally calculated.

Again, one offers humble apologies,so that the cordial relations between our two countries may be maintained.

President of the U.S. of A. and a leader of the free world.

Posted by: d at September 4, 2003 at 11:25 AM

Tim, you missed the best thread, the timing of the najag car bomb. of course its a u.s. plot, to make it easier to make peace bang, bang.

Posted by: wt at September 4, 2003 at 01:15 PM

Baisez vous!

Vous etes pathetique. We demand our statue of La Liberte back. It 'as always looked silly in New York 'Arbor. And we officially regret the naval support that allowed your silly revolution to succeed. Without us you will still be colony of ze cursed crown anglais - just like zose stupid lickspittlers Oh, Canada and l'Australie.

We gave you liberty, and see 'ow you 'ave corrupted it. You owe us big time, and non, we will not send any troops to get you out of le merde in Iraq. Not in ze million years, you herd of gauche ill-mannered harlequins.

Home of ze brave? Pah! Home of ze stupefied sheep- brained fatboys. I fart in your general direction!

Posted by: Napoleon at September 4, 2003 at 02:22 PM

When you're done farting in our general direction, try blowin'out your ass, fatboy.

Posted by: Nelson at September 4, 2003 at 02:57 PM

Ah I see the green-eyed monster. Tell ya what: Spend a winter or two drenched in the glorious gentle sunshine, fantastic food and wine, air perfumed by bouganvillea and fresias, and the genuine, whole-hearted hospitality of the locals in places such as Montpellier or Cap Ferrat. You will be singing a whole different tune in no time.

Posted by: Peta Piper at September 4, 2003 at 06:43 PM

go away you steenking froggie person! we don need you around no how! why for U cum here anyhoo froggie bitcholio? gwan get big black dog Up U!

Posted by: labor pimp at September 4, 2003 at 10:00 PM

Foiled, again, eh, Napolean.Supporting the thickos who decided to try a bit of bloodshed backfired. You froggies didn't succeed in your ulterior master plan, deliver a blow to the bulldog and conquer the real mainland, England.

Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves,
England never,never, shall be slaves.

Well, the second line will hold true when, the Lp communisto government is booted out and the nanny state shot. But still...

Posted by: d at September 5, 2003 at 12:20 PM