June 28, 2003


Rumour is that ABC presenter Tony Squires has quit and moved to the Seven Network. Nothing online to support this yet, although the story has apparently been around since midday yesterday.

More sackings at the ABC yesterday, too. The place is in a little bit of trouble right now. Donít believe claims that itís all to do with budget cuts, by the way. If the ABC can afford to pay Phillip Adams $120,000 per year, it doesnít have budget trouble.

In other TV news, Comical Ali has returned to the screen:

The once-defiant former Iraqi information minister appeared humbled and evasive in a TV interview aired today, describing the fall of the Iraqi regime to coalition forces as an "earthquake" and refusing to blame Saddam Hussein for the war.

Hire him, ABC!

(First Ali link via Matt Howell.)

Posted by Tim Blair at June 28, 2003 11:33 AM

"There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!"

"Be assured. Baghdad is safe, protected"

"There is no bias at the ABC! Never!"

Posted by: Random_Prose at June 28, 2003 at 02:53 PM

Sorry, but I don't follow the Comical Ali joke. This man was a close henchman of Saddam Hussein for virtually Saddam's entire thugocratic career. He never got purged or torn limb from limb. That means he was a major fawner and groveller if not an active accomplice in Saddam's crimes. His uniform may be natty, but he has blood on his hands. "Comical" Ali is merely a thug with TVQ.

Posted by: bill at June 29, 2003 at 09:57 AM

Like Andy Richter!

Posted by: tim at June 29, 2003 at 01:18 PM