June 21, 2003


Would an Al Gore TV show be a success? Other recent liberal attempts to halt the rise of conservative hegemaniacs in electronic media havenít exactly been massive triumphs, even among liberals.

Posted by Tim Blair at June 21, 2003 02:45 AM | TrackBack

If he could spend the first week of the show saying and doing things that utterly destroy any hope he would ever have of being elected to office again, it might let loose for good the reportedly smart, funny Al who is always smothered by wooden, funkilling Official Al. People always went on about Bush supposedly running to please Daddy (when surely it was Mommy who he was mainly fulfilling the family's wishes for), but if you paid any real attention it was Gore who was the much more tortured and conflicted figure trying to fulfill Daddy's destiny, our Prince Charles wondering what to do with himself halfway through his life (no wonder they both went gaga for the environment). Those few moments when he felt himself free of Destiny-- like his gracious concession speech, or his great Saturday Night Live appearance-- seemed like an inner child rejoicing at the sight of sunlight for the first time in decades.

Posted by: Mike G at June 21, 2003 05:07 AM

Yes but Al Gore is so much more charismatic.

Posted by: Sean at June 22, 2003 06:42 AM