June 20, 2003


A glimpse into the exciting and dangerous world of special education, courtesy of Tard Blog:

I go back to my desk to begin sharpening tard pencils. Most of the tards come up, including Joe. One by one they hand me their pencils and I sharpen them. Joe steps up and hands me a magic marker.

I manage to explain to Joe that it isn't a pencil, and you don't need to sharpen it. Joe insists that it is a pencil and that I have to sharpen it. I'm about to explain for a second time, when Joe grabs the marker and shoves it in the pencil sharpener. He starts cranking the poor thing like crazy and the marker begins bleeding all over the desk. By the time I pulled Joe away from the sharpener he had mauled the marker down to a one inch stub.

Those who witnessed it will never forget the African Claw Frog Incident:

The class used to have a fish bowl on top of the cabinet with African claw frogs in it. One time, one of the cabinet legs bent in and the fish bowl fell on the floor. It took me most of that morning to calm down the tards.

And donít miss Lunch lady gets the smack down. Tardtastic!

UPDATE. Is Tard Blog funny or evil? Lots think funny, including many special ed teachers.

Posted by Tim Blair at June 20, 2003 03:16 PM | TrackBack

Some things made fun of, ain't funny.

Posted by: Wallace at June 20, 2003 03:26 PM

"Some things made fun of, ain't funny. "

. . . like Alaskans, apparently!

Posted by: Mork at June 20, 2003 03:30 PM

I imagine that teaching tards is like invading Iraq. Some people roll up their sleeves and get on with the job, stomping on some finer sensibilities along the way. Other people stand on the sidelines, berating those doing the work and wringing their hands about it but not actually coming up with a more workable solution to the problem.

The tard blog is fantastic. A pox upon its critics!

Posted by: Andrew D. at June 20, 2003 06:56 PM

I suppose another example that would win approval would have been Martin Luther King cracking "nigger" jokes at freedom rallies.

Posted by: Heinrich at June 21, 2003 03:00 AM

Umm... I find some of these amusing (and honestly, for the people this actually happens to, if they couldnt laugh at it, they'd go loony) and felt somewhat guilty about it :P

Posted by: Ryan at June 21, 2003 05:22 AM

C'mon here - if you can't loosen your anal sphincter just a bit and laugh at this stuff, you must be a miserable bore. They're just true stories - what are you so afraid of?

Posted by: morph at June 21, 2003 05:31 PM

Gad , what a hell hole. The hate-mailers to her site miss the plot: what she relates is a very good incentive to hand in the resigantion notice and do something else, preferably profitable to boot.Failing that. best to leave the killer cabinet in place, with any luck there will be all day every week-day to sit back, relax, and study good books for a change, soon enough.

Posted by: d at June 23, 2003 05:24 PM