June 10, 2003


A woman whose ex-boyfriend died after she beat him with her size-12 high-heel shoe was charged with manslaughter Sunday, police said.

Roosevelt Bonds, 51, died early Saturday after the brawl outside a Brooklyn nightclub, police said. Anna Rhinehart, 40, apparently knocked him down and beat him repeatedly with the shoe, police said.

Posted by Tim Blair at June 10, 2003 01:50 PM

When oh when will people learn that we simply cannot have these weapons in our homes. It was only a matter of time before a serious accident happened. Simple footwear, I don't think so!! Ring your MP and tell them that the community will no longer tolerate evil weapons such as these lying around homes in easy reach of our children! SAY NO TO SIZE 12 SHOES

** Written and spoken by the committee for the elimination of violent footwear inc.

Posted by: Todd at June 10, 2003 at 02:03 PM

My favorite line from the article:

"The two had a child together but their relationship had recently become strained, police said."

I'd call that a masterpiece of understatement.

Posted by: Alice at June 10, 2003 at 02:17 PM

My wife wears size 11, but we removed the bayonet-holder.

Does that still make her a terrorist, Uncle Tim?

Posted by: Kim du Toit at June 10, 2003 at 02:26 PM

My first knowledge of the danger of footwear came some years ago. A particularly obstreperous drunk objected to being placed under arrest for simple assault by kicking a cop - who promptly escalated the charge to "assault with a deadly weapon" as well as assault upon a police officer.

And it is illegal here to carry a knife with a blade of more than three inches in length. Consider that next you buy a steak knife - how do you get it home without breaking the law?

Posted by: John Anderson at June 10, 2003 at 03:52 PM

Size 11 ... hmmm ... I think, under Standard Media Panic guidelines, they would qualify as "sub-machine shoes"

Posted by: tim at June 10, 2003 at 04:58 PM

No doubt my (occasionally) beloved California is already considering a ban on stilletoes.

Posted by: Andrew at June 10, 2003 at 05:02 PM

The N.Y. subways used to have an ad card that read, "Time wounds all heels." But, I never thought that a "heel could wound."

Or, she sent the wrong sole to heaven.

Posted by: howard e. at June 10, 2003 at 07:29 PM

Obviously been watching too many reenactments of the fall of Baghdad

Posted by: James Dudek at June 10, 2003 at 09:39 PM

I thought technology was supposed to move us forward? If she'd a worn a pair of "Rosa Klebs" she coulda gotten away with it! Unless the guy was carrying a chair, or sumpthin.

Posted by: Hoodie Craw at June 11, 2003 at 06:36 AM

Hitchcock (?) was right. Bean him w/a frozen piece of meat then cook and eat the evidence. Even better, serve it to the investigating officers.

Posted by: Sandy P. at June 11, 2003 at 08:18 AM

Domestic violence is not funny when a woman is the victim.

Why is domestic violence funny when a man is the victim?

Posted by: Indole Ring at June 11, 2003 at 10:25 AM

I'm size 9-9.5, This woman must have some huge hooves. So no "she kicked the shit out of him" jokes? Oh well, if the shoe fits....beat him to death with it.

Posted by: Jake D at June 11, 2003 at 11:08 AM


Good point. I was going to make references to "Get Smart". In its place, I'll link to a LGF thread http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=6154 with "Get Smart" references.

Posted by: Andjam at June 12, 2003 at 11:33 AM