June 06, 2003


Bloomberg news is apparently reporting that Howell Raines has resigned at the NYT. More soon, if this is true.

UPDATE. Itís true! Crank that Howell-O-Meter up to 100!

Posted by Tim Blair at June 6, 2003 02:03 AM

...and Managing Editor, Gerald Boyd...

Posted by: AndyM at June 6, 2003 at 02:18 AM

Andrew Sullivan will claim it as a personal victory. I can already hear him gloating about the power the bloggers exercised in unseating Raines.
Two sucessful Regime Changes in the same year!
He will be ecstatic.
Now if only a scandal could embroil Media Watch...

Posted by: Jack Strocchi at June 6, 2003 at 02:20 AM

The Guardian has an apology on its website regarding Paul Wolfowitz's statement. I wonder if this will translate into print.

Posted by: AndyM at June 6, 2003 at 02:41 AM

Ding dong, the witch is dead?

Posted by: David Janes at June 6, 2003 at 03:20 AM

The Guardian's apology will translate into print in next week's Bulletin. Promise.

Posted by: tim at June 6, 2003 at 03:25 AM

"Apology...next week...promise." - Tim

(I love this Dowd-o-matic stuff)

Posted by: Andrew at June 6, 2003 at 04:31 AM

The Guardian has retracted stories on Straw/Powell and Wolfowitz!! Pigs are flying!

Posted by: Yahoo at June 6, 2003 at 04:39 AM

Best Dowdification yet, Andrew!

Posted by: tim at June 6, 2003 at 05:13 AM

Wait, let me try -- "The Guardian has...stories on Straw/Powell and Wolfowitz pigs..." (Courtesy of Yahoo's post). This is fun!!!

Posted by: Jerry D. at June 6, 2003 at 06:34 AM

BTW, it is somewhat ironic that you would wait to determine if this story about the Times was true, before you commented. Shouldn't you have just popped off, then, if necessary, printed a non-apology apology a week later, if necessary?

Posted by: Jerry D. at June 6, 2003 at 06:36 AM

Bloggers rule! Next target: the fabricators and liars at the BBC and the Guardian.

Posted by: Tombo at June 6, 2003 at 06:52 AM

... and the ABC and the Fairfax Press and the Australia Council and the various other taxpayer funded arts and film/propaganda bodies and...

The battle is won but the war continues.

Posted by: Driver at June 6, 2003 at 10:58 AM

Tim, can you please link to the Guardian's apology from this site?

Thanks . . . . .

Posted by: Steve at June 6, 2003 at 11:32 AM

Here is the Gaurdian's apology -- rather well concealed, as I had to do a search to find it.


Corrections and clarifications

Thursday June 5, 2003

A report which was posted on our website on June 4 under the heading "Wolfowitz: Iraq war was about oil" misconstrued remarks made by the US deputy defence secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, making it appear that he had said that oil was the main reason for going to war in Iraq. He did not say that. He said, according to the Department of Defence website, "The ... difference between North Korea and Iraq is that we had virtually no economic options with Iraq because the country floats on a sea of oil. In the case of North Korea, the country is teetering on the edge of economic collapse and that I believe is a major point of leverage whereas the military picture with North Korea is very different from that with Iraq." The sense was clearly that the US had no economic options by means of which to achieve its objectives, not that the economic value of the oil motivated the war. The report appeared only on the website and has now been removed.

Posted by: Indole Ring at June 6, 2003 at 12:02 PM

Howell got it one, communard's notion of objective reporting is `reports' which sing out loud their mantra of woes. Ditto the ABC.

Oh,last night's 7.30 report feature on the ongoing Dork and Minda (Crean and Beazely) show must have been thrown in for comic relief.
This line was a real gas: `...as you know',viewers implied,ABC news has been absorbed for the last two weeks by the BBC, yes, the Beazley -Crean Bunfight.'
The star reporter also claimed, this struggle is very important . Well, one just cannot guess why, as in , the ABC hopes ALP can throw up a leader who might manage to take ALP onto the treasurey benches.
Well, ABC has $750 million smackers worth of reasons to keep on hoping and hoping and...hoping...I hear crickets chirruping under moonless night.

But heck, one doesn't give two chirrups worth what the upshot just as one wouldn't if the same occurred o side. The only thing which does count is, what they would do in government.Totally different matter. Which is why, the Bob&Paul Punch'n'Judy show was also trivial.

But ABaghdadCommunards do need to feel good, they're beginning to receive a good hiding and the penny is dropping, outside the handful of nobodies the Freinds of ABC, there are plenty who would cheer to the rooftops to see ABimboCommunard land sold off.

From a henchman of,
(Freedom Liberation from Fat Auntie Front).

Posted by: d at June 6, 2003 at 01:15 PM

Up to 100? But mine goes to 11!

Posted by: jeffsters at June 6, 2003 at 02:05 PM

I'm actually rather scared that Andrew Sullivan will committ some sort of ritual suicide now that he has no reason to get up in the morning anymore ...

Posted by: Bill at June 6, 2003 at 02:58 PM


Preamble We... Order ... perfect ... Welfare

Article I All.. taxes shall be ... passed

Article II President ... shall be ... executed

Article III Aid... treason

Article IV The Citizens of each State ... shall be ... in ... Labour ... Party

Article V Die Catherine Zeta Jones, DIE

Article VI All Debts... shall be... valid



1. make... religion... of the press... people
2. Arms, shall not be
3. Peace
4. The right ... shall... be violated
5. No person ... shall be... deprived of... compensation
6. the accused shall enjoy
7. Suits! Twenty Dollars!
8. [Zeta-Jones is]... cruel and unusual
9. disparage... people
11. The United States... shall... be... prosecuted... by... any Foreign State.
12. The Electors... transmit... death... to the... President
13. [Take me back Michael, I am your] slave
14. being twenty-one years of age... is... a crime
15. Vote... on account of race
16. Income Taxes! Income Taxes! Income Taxes!
17. Laugh now, Catherine Zeta-Bitch, you'll be old and barren someday too
18. mmmmm.... intoxicating liquors
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20. The terms of the President and Vice President shall end
21. mmmmm.... intoxicating liquors
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23. I swear officer, I wasn't stalking him, I am a member of the press
24. President...failure
25. President...death
26. [that bitch can't be] 18 years of age or older

Posted by: iowahawk at June 7, 2003 at 05:20 AM

Good, now let's start a Bloomberg-o-Meter....

Posted by: Evan McElravy at June 7, 2003 at 06:52 AM

I heart iowahawk.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at June 7, 2003 at 08:03 AM

Your betters such as Sullivan in the 'mack'rel crowded sea' target an obscure (to you) editor and you eagerly follow suit, all the way from Australia. Go team!

Posted by: Glenn at June 12, 2003 at 06:42 PM