May 23, 2003


JOHN HOWARD'S AUSTRALIA is supposed to be a cruel place, rejecting innocent refugees and beating up on little Afghan children. Yeah, sure:

Two members of the Indonesian terrorist group responsible for the Bali bombings have been granted permanent residency after claiming religious and political asylum in Australia.

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information legislation reveal 10 members of Jemaah Islamiah were refused protection visas by the Refugee Review Tribunal, but two men were later granted residency.

Both of the successful applicants, who claimed persecution on the basis of their membership of JI, are believed to be Indonesian-born and have been free to travel in and out of Australia.

Yay. Freedom.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 23, 2003 03:17 AM

Hmm, asylum for terrorists is all the rage in Britain, too. Seems like the fair result of hijacking a plane and threatening to murder everyone on board.

Posted by: Jackie D at May 24, 2003 at 03:21 AM