May 22, 2003


IT'S THE MOST BORING INTERNET QUIZ EVER! Are the following lines from The Dullest Blog In The World or from South Australian leftist academic Gary Sauer-Thompson?

Test your dullness-guessing abilities! (Answers may be found a couple of posts below):

1. I have a number of objects in my house.

2. I sat outside on the balcony this morning.

3. I've been thinking about the Howard Government's third term reform agenda.

4. As I was looking around my house I noticed that there were a number of empty glasses.

5. I cannot figure out the digital Swedish washing machine.

6. I'm still catching up with the reading of the newspapers.

7. I came home and needed to open the front door to get into the house.

8. I was having breakfast and doing the washing this morning.

9. I was doing some things and noticed that it was nearly time for something to eat.

10. I noticed that there were a few things lying around here and there.

11. I left the room and walked past the ironing board.

12. I had breakfast in the early morning autumn sunshine.

13. I ate one or two biscuits this evening.

14. I'm slowly getting around to reading the weekend newspapers.

15. I looked at the internet for a while.

16. I have been trying to get connected to broadband this week.

17. I have become a little tired of the war with Iraq and I wanted a break from it for a moment.

18. I logged onto the internet and thought about posting something on my blog.

19. Whilst on holiday I missed out on a lot of reading of newspapers.

20. I have not been following events in the Middle East since the fall of Baghdad due to renovations.

21. I read a few articles from one section of the newspaper.

22. Whilst surfing the internet I happened upon a page which had a number of links on it.

23. I have been wandering in cyberspace late at night.

24. Today I logged onto the internet.

25. I have been trying to get connected to Broadband today.

26. Whilst walking along I noticed that there were some cars driving along the road.

27. I went into a cafe the other day.

28. I did not see any television whilst on holiday.

29. I did some washing up this evening.

30. I have realized that Tim Blair has no pity or compassion for the vulnerable and the fragile.

UPDATE. Gary gets into the spirit of things.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 22, 2003 03:32 AM