May 20, 2003

IT'S MEDIA WATCH fun time!

IT'S MEDIA WATCH fun time! Yesterday's episode featured an item on a lame anti-Howard cartoon that was cut from The Age. David Marr, who evidently believes that editors shouldn't edit, complained:

Those who think joking about this sort of thing is 'just not funny', should remember that Bill Leak won a Walkley last year for his take on the same subject.

My question to Media Watch:

Re Bill Leak: How does winning a Walkley prove that a cartoon is funny? Is (2002 Walkley cartoon judge) Betty Churcher now the official arbiter of that which constitutes a joke? And where can I get a tape of her stand-up routine?

And Media Watch's puzzling reply:

The Walkley didn't make it funny. It was funny when The Australian published it. It's still funny.

Er ... I didn't say that the Walkley made it funny. Media Watch did. Moderator Peter McEvoy (I'm assuming it's Pete; he would have a lot of spare time each week) signs off with this:

On a different kind of funny: surprised to see you crawl from under the debris so quickly.

Oh no! Nice Pete is trying to crush my dissent!

Posted by Tim Blair at May 20, 2003 07:44 PM