May 19, 2003

THE LIBERAL MINDSET: Calpundit worries

THE LIBERAL MINDSET: Calpundit worries about press reports of speeding because they "just give people something to shoot for". Stupid people.

He's also confused about why a Porsche can't outrun a BMW M3. The reason both max out at 155-156 mph is because German carmakers voluntarily equip most of their European-market autobahn burners with governors.

Mmmm. Governors. Cue liberal drooling.

UPDATE. Calpundit writes:

It was just a joke, Tim. I drive a Porsche, that's all.

Durn librools and their fancy-ass Germanian sportspanzers. Wait until the UAW hears about this.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 19, 2003 12:53 PM