May 18, 2003

SOONER or later, all racists

SOONER or later, all racists end up sounding like Hitler:

Accused Bali bomber Amrozi today remained defiant, predicting more terrorist attacks on Westerners and describing Australians as "brutal".

He faces four charges of helping to plan and execute the attacks which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, in Kuta last October.

He said he was not sorry for the Australian victims of the bombings.

"With their brutality I don't feel sorry," he told Channel Nine.

"You can see it from their behaviour, they come here, American, Jews and their allies, they want to colonise.

"They want to control Muslim people, they make us weak.

"They want to control us, not only Indonesians but all over the world."

Amrozi predicted further terrorist attacks against Westerners in the region.

"How can I feel sorry?" he asked. "I am very happy (Westerners died) because they attack Muslims and are inhuman.

"There will be more bombs till the Westerners are finished, all of them who attack Muslims and attack humanity.

"Terrorism is ordered by Allah - in the Koran it means make our enemies frightened."

Listen to the little man: Westerners are brutal and inhuman, want to colonise Indonesia, and seek to weaken and control Muslims. Hitler wrote Mein Kamph in prison; it looks like Amrozi's been reading it during his days inside. See you at the shooting gallery, kid.

UPDATE. Some extended comments from Amrozi:

Q: Why are Australians brutal?

A: You can see from their attitude . . . they come here, people such as Americans, the Jews and their allies. They want to colonise, not just to play. They want to control Muslim people. They make us weak and they take our people to bars. They want to control all of us, not just in Indonesia but all over the world.

I wonder how the likes of Bali tourist (and anti-war ranter) Mike Carlton feel now that their merry holidays have been identified as a cause of terrorism. Perhaps they'll reconsider the motives of these bastards. It's you they hate, Mike. Not just George W. Bush or John Howard. You.

UPDATE UPDATE. John Softly writes:

The taxi drivers taking us "brutal" Australians to bars are Muslims. Most taxi drivers working for the Taxi Putih company along the club row are Muslims originally from Java. And yes, the Taxi Putih drivers were the taxi drivers killed in the Bali bombings.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 18, 2003 10:17 PM