May 17, 2003

AUSTRALIAN ARTIST George Gittoes was

AUSTRALIAN ARTIST George Gittoes was against the war, as this ABC report reminds us. That was before he went to Iraq. Gittoes has returned with a different view:

For Gittoes, Iraq was a watershed. He says he has always been "anti war and pro humanity." But the events he witnessed in Iraq have led Gittoes down a path of self-discovery and emotional reassessment to a point where he now believes the US-led war in Iraq was humane and justifiable.

"It has always been easy to oppose a war, but this time I realised that people were really suffering under [Saddam].

"I've been in the German prison camps, and you could fit all of the combined concentration camps just into Abu Ghraib."

There's no link available to the Gittoes piece, from today's Daily Telegraph. And there's no chance he'll ever appear on the ABC now that he's learned something and switched sides.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 17, 2003 06:44 PM