May 16, 2003

WHOA! You want your brutal

WHOA! You want your brutal reviews? Check out this, from Andrew Sullivan on Clinton supplicant Sid Blumenthal's new book:

There's no one like Sid. Not even in Washington. I'm still immensely fond of him, although it's quite clear by now that, in some respects, he is completely out of his mind. Those jokes that no one else in the universe got; those pauses at the end of anecdotes, while he grinned and puffed and waited for you to assent to his latest impenetrable concoction; the sweet-natured way in which he assassinated characters who violated his sense of manifest destiny and the tenets of his secular religion: Nope, there is no one quite like Sid.

And I bet no one really wants to be Sid after that. He sounds like a DC David Brent.

Posted by Tim Blair at May 16, 2003 05:03 AM